Energy Name Reading

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Energy Name Reading


Our Energy is expressed in everything that we do from the way we walk, talk, eat, speak and to the way we write! I innately have developed and refined a talent from reading the energy of your name and handwriting. I am often referred to as ‘The Name Lady’. Perhaps it was my years a sa primary school teacher or my love for language, who knows!
Whether it is the name of someone in this world or in Spirit, allow me to connect for you to join the dots and bring ancestral healing to your story.

Write your name and I will energetically connect with your wound ology, inner child issues that may be causing you to ‘feel stuck’ and more importantly, coach you on how to move forward. It is your time to feel, whole and complete again! You deserve to have it all and more.

We are all perfect, time to dot the i and cross the t!


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