Catriona Jones Female Empowerment Coach

Catriona Jones, Female Empowerment Coach & Author of Bloom Girl. Empowerment and Confidence Coaching for Women

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Reclaim Your Purpose and Feminine Power in the World

Have you forgotten to prioritise your joy in life?

Have you invested in your career &  family and there is nothing left for you?

Are you frustrated with your own lack of confidence? 

I have helped many successful women identify with their new evolving purpose later in life. Realigning their new goals and ambitions with passion and power.

Your feminine power is rising, and it is your time to fully bloom in the world. The Bloom Girl Philosophy will transform you from the inside out, empowering you to rock your brilliance out into the world again. You have a divine purpose and power and I will help you reignite your passion and confidence to relaunch your true self. 

How do I know?

I have made this personal transformation, embraced the inner work and gave myself permission to bloom, overcoming self-doubt and creating a new emotional home of confidence and joy. It is your turn to make lasting change,  honour your heartfelt desires and reclaim your feminie power.


Money Mindset Coach for Women

Reclaim your Goddess Power and Purpose

Own your morning own your day

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