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5 Ways to Stop being a People Pleaser?

Catriona Jones October 27, 2023 0 comments 0

How to stop being a people pleaser and say no guilt free. Set boundaries and create more time and freedom in your life. Do YOU say ‘no’ when you really mean ‘yes’ How often to you … agree to doing things, you don’t want to do go to places, you’d rather not be and simply put others before yourself? People…

Benefits of journaling and how it lifts your mood.

Catriona Jones October 14, 2023 0 comments 0

The benefits of journaling on mood Just get started to release the overwhelm … I want to share with you in a nutshell the key benefits of journaling and why it is a worthwhile tool to have in you toolkit. let me explain to you how journaling is super effective in lifting mood and releasing negative emotions. If we think…

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