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5 Things All Girls Need to Shine ☀️

Catriona Jones March 24, 2019 0 comments 0

Hey beautiful girl,

Raising Girls

Welcome to the World Beautiful Girl

it’s safe to sparkle and shine

I can remember that moment crystal clear as if it were yesterday. Holding our baby daughter for the first time. Her eyes alert, bright white and wide awake. I was bursting with joy, pride and love. Ready to protect like a ferocious tigeress.

You Are Born Powerful

You are Enough

A wee girl, a daughter!

Even though now a days girls are born into a more liberating world for women, we are aware of the struggles young girls face. A significant amount of girls experience stress, anxiety, depression, eating disorders and self harm. Not all of them, but enough to raise concern.

Mother & Daughter Bond

Make sure your daughter is secure

Unfortunately the challenge of social media and academic competitiveness has moved our young girls further from the dreamy relaxed world that our spirit and inner world really craves.

So how can we support our daughters and young girls in our lives? Steering them away from the damaging affects of glossy magazines, the billboards, movies and social media. At the same time encouraging ambition.

Raising Self Esteem in Girls

Building Confidence in Girls

Firstly we have to clear up our own inner world and heal our inner child, the little girl within each of us. Therefore applying the following tips to our healing journey along the way, knowing the ripple affect this will have on our parenting and ancestral healing.

What Girls Need

Finding their own Self

1 To Feel Loved

Girls need to be loved and accepted just the way they are. Quiet times for cuddles and heartfelt chats. Dropping judgments and our own expectations of how they should look and be.

Dropping busyness, slowing down and creating space for their beautiful souls. Praising their talents and nature, not just physical appearance.

Encourage self love and modelling it too 💕 They need an open heart that is present to them, for them.

2. To be a Free Spirit

Liberate your daughter

Positive Role Models

Girls need space to develop their own interests, time to explore and be free. Opportunities to run barefooted, wild and free spirited.

Avoid too many restrictions particularly between the age of 2-5, allowing creative flow, will empower your daughter to find her own Self.

Encourage time spent in nature, value her interests and in return you will teach her to value others. Keep your expectations, dreams and desires separate from her personal growth.

3. To Own their Power

All girls are born with personal power. Nurture her inner strength and allow it to flow. Encourage her to express all emotions and honour her anger. Affirm her talents, encourage vision and ambition. Model a positive attitude and promote gender equality.

Don’t be hung up in weight and looks in front of your daughter.

Feminine Power from Within

4. Positive Role Models

All girls need older, wiser women that share good values. Tribal beliefs that empower girls to rise and play bigger in the world. Strong women that help them become an adult and live happy ambitious lives. To be part of an authentic sisterhood to set all women free.

Get clear on your values and beliefs and what you’re handing down.

What are your relationships teaching her?

5. Happy Sexuality

All young girls need open and honest talks about womanhood. Questions answered fully and explored safely and lovingly. Girls need to be taught to both celebrate their bodies and honour intimacy. Taught that sex is good and not something to feel ashamed of or guilty about.

To KNOW that their body belongs to them and the importance of treating themselves with gentle care and respect.

Every girl in the world is a beautiful star, special and unique with a role to play and place to shine.

Ancestral Healing

Has Your Inner Child Come Out to Play Today?

Encourgae all beautiful girls to sparkle and shine and play bigger in he world.

Liberate your girl and heal your inner child along the way.

Our spark together can make the world a brighter more positive space to share.

Mothers and daughters bring your magical gifts to the world and shine.

Ths is our time,

To join my group of positive tribal women , click here ❤️


Much Love



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