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5 Top tips for Goal Setting

Catriona Jones January 16, 2022 0 comments 0

Set your inner compass in the direction of your dreams… So here are my goal setting tips.

  1. Create a sacred space

Create a space where you can be still and quiet, uninterrupted. The number one top tip is to really dig deep and dream bigger than ever. The main reason we don’t achieve our goals is because they do not inspire us enough. Think of a goal big enough to make you want to leap out of bed in the morning. Know that feeling when you wake up the morning your going on a special trip? That is the type of exciting compelling future goals we want to create. Get carried away.

  1. Connect with your Abundance Angel – in your feminine energy.

A useful piece of information in the goal achievement process is understanding the masculine and feminine energies. Connect with your divine feminine energy of creativity, imagination and experiencing.

Imagine you have just connected with your Abundance Angel and can have everything you desire. Ask yourself what would I really love to achieve, create, give, have and experience in my life in the next 10 years.  Get carried away and just write … As soon as you have filled the page in your journal with things, stuff, experiences, write a time next to each dream goal for completion – 1 year, 3 years, 5 years or 10 years. You have now created your big picture, the end vision (so far)

  1. Make it measurable – in your masculine energy.

It is time to activate your masculine energy and plan for action. Chunk down your 12 month goals from the overall vison. Now break the goal into monthly steps.

Using the goal planner sheet in the Bloom Girl’’ Workbook or simply write a goal in the center of your journal page to create a mind map of action steps towards your goal.

So, how do we make a goal measurable?

In order for your goals to be achievable they must be measurable.

For instance, if you have a weight goal, you might put loose 12lb, an income goal, you might say make £1000 this month. You should include the frequency of your action steps and keep a record.

Then around your goal map, record these action steps you can take to move in the direction of your goal. Remember we have to measure it and set a goal date. So harness your masculine energy of structures and systems.

  1. Create a vision board

I am convinced that feeling is the secret to goal achievement and success in life. Create a vision board, prompts, objects that remind you of your dream goals, a picture of your dream house, objects that remind you of your heart desire. Stay emotionally connected to your goals everyday.  Photoshop and other editing apps can help you create an image that show YOU in completion of your goals achieved.

  1. Create affirming language

Always speak from the point of success. Therefore you should act as if and rehearse your new life out loud every day.

 I am so happy and grateful now that …

We live in our dream home

I am a bestselling author

I have a successful 6 figure business

I am in the best health ever

I am happily married to my soul mate

I am living my best life every day

You can share your favourite goal affirmations in the Bloom Girl group and gather more inspiration there.

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