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6 Top Tips When Goal Setting

Catriona Jones April 28, 2017 0 comments 3

Get motivated and stay motivated in the new year ahead!

Be happy and get the life you want, it’s your birthright and know you are worthy!

I love to reflect and set goals each New Year, here are my top tips to share with YOU!

1. Set the scene
~ relax in a comfortable space, positive changes always happen when we are focussed and relaxed.
Get ready to take a fresh look at your life. Aim high, know there is plenty out there for everyone, if you can see it, you can have it! You deserve to be happy!

2. Ask yourself
~ What makes my heart sing? When do I feel alive? Transform that negative energy and beat the drum of positivity, more of what you do want … vibrate with joy, excitement and feel the magic.

3. Visualise
~ What would the perfect day look like? How does your morning begin? What are you wearing? What job are you in? Who are you with? How do you feel? See yourself happy, alert, optimistic, the best version of yourself than you can be. Do more of what you love

4. Record you goals
I love to scrapbook my ideas, create a vision board, draw a timeline for the next 12 – 18 months. Create affirmations, affirming that you already have them, eg ‘I have the perfect job’ or ‘Thank you for my new house, it is perfect’.
The work of Louise Hay is so perfect for this! She is the queen of affirmations.

5. Honour thyself along the way
Take care of YOUR needs, know that the critic likes to step in and fear comes up to protect us, acknowledge the critical voice and say ‘ thank you for sharing, today I choose LOVE and to focus on my goals’ and align yourself with your heart’s desire.
Know that as we push on to achieve great things that little doubting voice likes to step in, allow yourself to nurture any wounds feeling the enormity of them before you rush on, any self doubt, to heal, continue to love yourself just the way you are!

6. Keep good company
Share your goals with trusted friends or family that will support you whole heartedly and authentically. Look at yourself daily in the mirror, look into your own eyes and say ‘I love you, together we can do great things, I got this!’

Have fun, know that I believe you deserve the best, for more support you can join me for 1-1 coaching or come along to one of my You Can Heal Your Life or Law of Attraction Workshops.

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