Would you like to get crystal clear about what you want and manifest the life of your dreams?
Imagine waking up every morning, not having to worry about time, money or what other people think of you and really feeling on purpose in your life!
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Coaching PROGRAMme
And enjoy your most meaningful life with freedom from worrying about what other people expect you to do or be
Catriona Jones BA QTS, MA Education - Heal Your Life Teacher and Coach
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Farewell to the Exhausting Corporate World and Hello to True Purpose and Freedom!
Are you ready to take back control of your future and feel excited about life again?   

Imagine waking up every day totally excited about your work, not having to worry about time, money or what other people think of you again?

Once upon a time I was experiencing burn out in my professional job
I was totally exhausted, suffering from low energy and definitely an under earner. 

I struggled to balance my home and work life.  All the busyness was not equating with success and something felt out of whack! 
I was totally burnt out.

However, I felt a deep yearning and knowing that there was something bigger for me and I KNOW there is something bigger for you too! 


I began reading about women working smarter, earning more money and being their own boss. 

They talked about meditation, spirituality and money mindset

Yes please, me too I thought. It was my time to turn my life around and to join the revolution of women playing bigger in the world.

I decided to throw everything at it, invest in me and get my life on track, once and for all. I discovered the best tools and techniques to accelerate my success

I decided to commit and made a conscious decision to go for it.

Today thankfully I run my own successful business, earn more than ever and teach in a way that lights me up.
90 day coaching programme
I discovered that you can have it all – be a high earner, a mother and balance work and home and life!
I am a woman on a mission to motivate and support as many women as possible to know their worth and play bigger in the world.

 I love to teach and share what I know about the secrets to success and clearing emotional blocks that bind us, keeping us stuck in a rut. 

Laying strong unshakeable foundations, rebuilding your life the way you want it to be.

So it’s farewell to the exhausting corporate professional world and hello to balance, true purpose, freedom and effortless success

It is your birth-right to be both happy and rich.

Live YOUR life with true meaning, purpose and freedom, doing exactly what you love...
My Commitment to You 
I am fully committed to your heartfelt desire to change your life and lovingly hold space for your growing pains, keeping you on track. 

Your time is now.
You Will Receive 
  • Clarity – Tools to assist you to get crystal clear on your Life Purpose.  
  •  Vision – Materials to support you to map out your vision 
  •  Alignment – Relaxation and self healing tools to bring you into alignment with your best Self
  •  Coaching – 1-1 Fortnightly coaching plus email access for 90 days to implement tools and take action.
  •  Email support for 90 days  
  •  12 Video tutorials
  •  Experience – a supportive sisterhood of likeminded women growing, raising their vibration and playing bigger in the world. 
  •  Your Gift - Your very own personal Purposeful and Free Journal and Self Care goodie pack!
This is YOUR time!
Imagine waking up every day excited about life, not having to worry about time, money or what people think about you. Let’s talk so you too can live a beautiful life with purpose and freedom, doing what you love.

Investment £1200
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What Others Say
Aly Young
Lawyer, London
"I was a successful busy corporate lawyer working in London but struggled with home life balance and felt lost and isolated. 

Catriona helped me get back on track with my life. It is thanks to her inspiration and coaching I now run my own business that is growing from strength to strength. My personal life and inner contentment is transformed. 

Nowadays I can ‘right myself ‘with the tools Catriona has taught me."
Annmarie Houston  
Community Network Officer of Blind People, Derry    

"Working with Catriona ignited my passion again giving me the nudge, and motivation to finally follow my desire to design and create my own Self Development Business. 

I was able to identify barriers to my growth, overcome them and celebrate the distance travelled. "

Danielle Mc Cay  
Finance Consultant, Manchester   

" I was so lost without any clarity of purpose and lacked confidence in my ability to achieve. I knew I wanted to manifest more income and flexible working hours. Working with Catriona and enrolling on Purposeful and Free has given me great clarity on my life purpose and helped me land my dream job as I ambitiously design my own business. I feel confident and free.. "

Special Discount Package just for you!

I would love to tell you more about my gift of a 
* we respect your privacy - we will not share your email address or send spam
Wake up every day with a sense of purpose and feeling excited with life!
Avril Mc Monagle
Early Childhood Consultant, Donegal    

" I am clear about my purpose in life. Free from the stress of the corporate world and excited about my future. I love being my own boss and feel back in control of my life once again, balancing work and family life. Catriona really helped me step out of my comfort zone into the magic and instil a more positive inner dialogue"

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