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Are you in your head, need to embody your feminine energy?

Catriona Jones December 20, 2021 0 comments 0

This week I have opened the conversation and I am talking about the feminine and masculine energy.

In Bloom Girl I talk about this on page 104.

You must be wondering, ‘Why is it so important that we are conscious of our feminine and masculine energy?’

Well I will tell you, it is because we need both energies to create and manifest in life, we need both of these to manifest out goals.

Benefits of embodying your feminine energy:

  • Boosts creativity
  • Increases intuition
  • Enhances trust and contentment
  • Feelings of calm and flow
  • State of nurturance and acceptance
  • Optimises receiving and abundance
  • Effortless expression of love

What is the difference between Feminine Energy and Masculine Energy?

Feminine Energy – The Goddess Within:

  • Moon
  • Passive
  • Soft
  • Being
  • Circular
  • Intuitive
  • Creative
  • Nurturing

Masculine Energy – The Warrior Withing:

  • Sun
  • Direct
  • Hard
  • Controlling
  • Linear
  • Logical
  • Decisive
  • Protective

I can help you work out the balance between both of these energies to allow you to create and bloom!

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