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the thing that scares you, you must study

Catriona Jones November 2, 2022 0 comments 0

Personal development tells us this, the thing that scares you most – is the thing that you must study! I can remember the exact day that this ‘aha moment’ landed for me, with the teaching of Money Mindset. I knew deep within me that this was purposeful work for the rise of all women. Including my own ancestral healing. The two most challenging…

Something has to give, let go of self sabotage

Catriona Jones October 16, 2022 0 comments 0

What do you value most in your life? The first step to personal mastery is awareness, personal awareness. I am your typical high achiever and often quick to self criticise. I have learnt to accept along the way that perfection is unobtainable. We are all imperfectly perfect. It is unusual to experience that all areas of  life are thriving simultaneously…

I have had a breakthrough … what next?

‘Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go’

Yes agreed,  Autumn is beautiful and letting go can appear effortless in nature however the reality in the world of humans where attachments are powerful, letting go is not that easy. Can a breakthrough be the same , an easy process of change?

A personal breakthrough is an intentional letting go process.

Inner child healing

Surround yourself with people that lift you up

Allow me to share with you, what I believe are useful tools to apply when you know you are ready for a breakthrough or have just experienced a breakthrough. These tips will also support and apply when you are holding the energy in your new quantum field following on from a breakthrough experience! How exciting …

The joy and trust of a breakthrough is in your readiness, just like the leaves falling from the trees in October.

Nurture a safer inner world

The golden nugget here is to nurture a safe inner world

for yourself, a hot topic this month in my brand new ‘Bloom Girl’ membership group, where we will explore managing your Higher Self, Inner Child and Critical Voice.

Membership details are here

Bloom Girl Membership

A breakthrough is about letting go of old beliefs and anchoring in our new belief system.

This is a bit like building and conditioning a muscle.

We have to get really honest about the people, places and situations that are contributing to our personal growth and process. We let go of anything that is not in alignment with our new level of consciousness and might even be contaminating our world. Energy is everything. Environment is critical and positive daily rituals essential.

Help available here with your Morning Rituals

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Women Supporting Women

Catriona Jones September 24, 2022 0 comments 0

What does women supporting women even mean? This is a popular hashtag branded around social media and I thought it might be helpful to ponder this question. I have just facilitated a female empowerment workshop and witnessed once again the miracles that happen when we lean in and hold space for one another. The core intention of my ‘Bloom Girl’…

Re-parenting your inner child

Catriona Jones July 1, 2022 0 comments 3

Re parenting your inner child. Inner Child Healing is a tender process and a central core technique of the ‘Bloom Girl’ healing journey. We know that when we are struggling with life that it is usually a younger part of us that may be needing our attention.  Assisting our wounded inner child to heal, mature and grow up to become…

She offered me a street fight … getting rid of negativity

Catriona Jones June 24, 2022 0 comments 0

She offered me a street fight … getting rid of negativity. Can we ever really free ourselves from negative energy? Will there come a time in life when we will not be caught off guard and hit by a toxic bomb? Probably not. We live in a world of contrast and polarity, unable to completely get rid of negativity. Although…

This shame … it’s too heavy to carry.

Catriona Jones June 17, 2022 0 comments 0

This shame … it’s too heavy to carry. Have you ever felt guilty about desire? Get a sense that others might be judging you harshly, as they frown upon your opulent taste and thirst for more success? If so, you are not alone and you are my lovely, in very good company. In the presence of a fellow Queen building…

The addiction they don’t talk about …

Catriona Jones June 10, 2022 0 comments 0

The addiction they don’t talk about … I have been very triggered recently, to be honest with you – more than ever over the last few weeks and even shed a few tears too. I am your classic Enneagram 3, the achiever, leader and teacher! Personally I am motivated by approval, which as I talk about in my ‘Bloom Girl’…

Where’s my crown, canny find my Queendom

Catriona Jones June 3, 2022 0 comments 0

We all get days when we feel far removed from our Goddess and Queen sovereignty and sometimes cannot catch a glimpse of the hidden warrior within, the truth of who we really are. We question, Where’s my crown, canny find my Queendom? Guess what, we’re all human and we are cyclical. Looking in as we are designing and crafting our…

Women Supporting Women with Bloom Girl

Catriona Jones May 27, 2022 0 comments 0

How often have you heard it said ‘We must work together as women and support one another’ ?  Female Empowerment is needed now more than ever. Covid has taught us, well reminded us really that we as women are the heartbeat of the family and community. We all know ‘when mammy is happy, everyone is a happy’. The last few…

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