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Autistically Me

Catriona Jones August 25, 2023 0 comments 0


I have always had a yearning and a deep desire to help others belong and overcome.

When my GP’s voice repeated down the phone for the second time ‘Catriona you could be on the spectrum too’ I heard her. Something moved inside of me and I knew she has uncovering a truth, about me. Although, there was an initial shock that came with the new found awareness, it was a radical awakening. I felt a sense of completeness, another layer was removed and I totally relaxed as if for the first time in my entire life. This was home. I was hitting in on the core of who I was.

This was indeed welcomed clarity to what felt like one of the most rocky episodes of our family life and even though I maintained in my book ‘Bloom Girl’ that our children will guide us home, I didn’t see this one coming. The ‘authentic me’ was indeed ‘autistically me’ my little girl, my inner child, embraced deeper than ever and my whole life made complete sense. Supported by loved ones. my husband and I began to navigate this new journey, manage the overwhelm, one moment at a time.

diagnosed with autsim in menopause

my soulmate always

This was not the sleek, sexy brand that I had planned for my life and business ( I thought), it felt like a curve ball. However, I had to honour this piece. I took some time to be gentle with myself and lean into what appeared as an oddly shaped piece of the puzzle and then I vowed that I had to own it and be totally honest with myself and others. My decades of spiritual learning and teaching guided me to this place of authenticity. I would step into my greatest radiance. My Autism was my brilliant mind, great focus, my eloquent communication, unstoppable creativity, gifted intuition and my ability to read the room and really see others.

Coach for Autism

ZEN Toolkit

I had the tools to navigate family life, process my own diagnosis and trust the revelations. I had written the toolkit …

My menopause was the the gift of exasperation that shone a light on my Autism, the truth of who I really was and allowed me to redesign life on my terms, but where would I begin? I knew that my work schedule would shift and family life would continue to be a priority. I needed a robust framework, one that would support a square peg and take me out of this culture of confusion. A society that was constantly dictating a neurotypical conformity and lifestyle to our family. I knew I had never come here to follow the outdated system but I also needed a stronger blueprint to anchor in my values and lead life from my personal power. I found it, a fabulous Value Based Integrative System and process that worked.

Like other women on the spectrum I had to wear the mask for decades and felt that I had to ‘fit in’ be the high achiever, the perfect mother and become divorced from my true authentic Self. It is a relief and an honour to unmask and stand in my true authentic self and say to the world these are my values, this is what I measure up against and no limiting system can rob me of my joy.  I will always  be guided by and set my inner compass to MY VALUES – Love & Connection, Spirituality, Authenticity and Achievement. Today I get to follow my heart, align with my essence and serve others. What are your values my lovely?

where does my child's autism come from

Embracing thy true Self

If I am a woman that masked Autism for almost 50 years, diagnosed in menopause, am I the only one? I think not. One inspired woman, heals another, when we show up unmasked. Whether you identify as a neurodivergent woman or a parent of a child on the spectrum with ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia. Dyspraxia or other, I am here with a listening ear and to say … welcome home little one, I have got you too!

You see when we live an intentional life, from the heart centre, Spirit will always guide us to our soul purpose when we are ready to declare who we are to the world and raise others up with us. You too have a calling, a soul purpose within you. Never be afraid to shine your light with the world and in doing so you set everyone else free to do the same.

Let’s not just bloom, let’s flourish … if you would like to learn more about my Flourish – value based coaching process and step into your true authentic Self more

WhatsApp me 0044 7972 040 236 and check out my upcoming Neurodiversity Information Evening, this is an online evening – Upcoming event on Neurodiversity

Neurodivergent Coach

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