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Bringing Out the Best Version of You!


Catriona Jones March 10, 2019 0 comments 0

I love this year’s theme for International Women’s Day 2019

Life Coach and Mindfulness Teacher DERRY

Balance Your Life


It just brings together beautifully my work, my passion and my dream for Women of the World.

It really offers every girl and woman to reflect on their world and where their life is going.

This has to begin with a personal reflection on where is my life going and how is my own personal balance?

Meditation Derry and Spiritual teaching

Fall still and connect

Balancing what?

Well, we are clear now that we are more than this body, the mind and we also have a spiritual essence.

Not everyone might feel completely comfortable with choice of words

– Mind, Body, Spirit.

Spirit is often referred to as Soul, Energy, Consciousness, Light or Hope. The choice is up to the individual of course however both Science and Religion agree we are energy!

That agreed how do we take care of our balance, nurture all parts of who we are – the Mind, Body and Spirit?

Mind – Firstly I believe we have to be discerning of every thought we have or entertain as our thoughts become our reality. Our world is a manifestation of our thoughts and every word we speak. So we need to choose wisely where our energy goes and what we focus on.

Doing our best to stay present to the task in hand.

Body – Our body responds to the mind, carrying our story, emotions and memory even at a cellular level!

Louise Hay Teacher Derry

Choose Positive Affirmations

Negative thinking and a chattering mind will cause disharmony leading to ill health, we will as Louise Hay described it experience  dis ease.

Nurture the body through mindfulness, positive affirmations, movement and good nutrition.

Spirit – Therefore the critical piece is the nurturing of our ‘Spirit’ accessing the ‘wise women’ within, dropping into the heart, choosing happy feeling thoughts and gratitude. The practice of relaxation, meditation and reconnecting with the present moment is where we’ll locate our personal innate power within.

Quieten the mind, bringing the body to homeostasis and starting from a place a stillness.

This builds energy, a refined consciousness, creating a momentum of joy, uplifting story creativity, good health and positivity. Empowering us to access wisdom, talent and experience ‘ah ha’ moments. Redesigning and creating our dream life!

Transforming and turning the story around.

Letting go of stress and imbalance.

Our inner world begins to reflect in our outer world and opportunity, equality and prosperity  arise simultaneously.

It is in this sense of balancing, that the divine feminine power has been awakened from within.

And we continue to rise and claim our space in the world! Unite and support!

Women of the World this is your time 💃💋🌹

Mother and Daughter Ancestral Healing

Show our daughters how to rise!

Balance for the better, the better you, the better of the young women that follow us and the healing of all the inspirational women that went before us!

A Podcast gift of Relaxation for you as you enjoy your journey within ❣️

Happy International Women’s Day 2019

You Are Amazing

All my love

Catriona x

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