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Bringing Out the Best Version of You!

Become The Best Version of You

Catriona Jones August 2, 2021 0 comments 1

I witnessed how women like you struggled during lockdown! Now, I want you to become the best version of you!

My hope is that my debut book will empower women to become the best version of themselves following the ground that, I feel, feminism and women have lost during the pandemic.

I have published ‘Bloom Girl: Reclaim Your Goddess Power and Purpose from within to Flourish in Life’ in an attempt to redress the balance.

During the lockdown, I witnessed how women and families were struggling.

At a time when feminine power was finally breaking through the glass ceiling, the pandemic was turning back the hands of time, and women’s empowered position in the world was re-challenged; we needed to rise stronger than ever.

Mindset coaching for women was in greater demand, and I was driven to help as many women and girls as possible with my experience as a seasoned life coach. I wanted to share a roadmap to help women step into their power and claim their path in the world.

Female empowerment and mindset coaching for women is needed now more than ever as we navigate life post pandemic. Self-education is how we are navigating our journey in life and for family.

If you are to take only one thing away from Bloom Girl, I would like it to be this: know that your life has a meaning and the resilience is within to navigate regardless of challenges in the outside world.

Bloom Girl book launch

If you are ready for an afternoon of female empowerment then please do join us for the book launch on Sunday 12th September. The afternoon will entail a motivational talk from me on The Bloom Girl philosophy, spiritual music, afternoon tea & a personal signed copy of my book.

Book your ticket here.

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