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Benefits of journaling and how it lifts your mood.

Catriona Jones October 14, 2023 0 comments 0

The benefits of journaling on mood

Just get started to release the overwhelm …

I want to share with you in a nutshell the key benefits of journaling and why it is a worthwhile tool to have in you toolkit. let me explain to you how journaling is super effective in lifting mood and releasing negative emotions.

If we think in terms of everything in life being energy and energy moves through us, then it is also possible that negative energy can get stuck within us! In order to shift this energy and the unwanted feelings of overwhelm, stress and frustration, we need to shift this energy. That is the reason why we often feel the benefits of a good walk, the fresh air and the movement of the body is shifting the energy. I hear you though, what if you just want to cuddle up in a ball in your pjs and stay indoors?

Here is the solution when you need to lift your mood but don’t want to move … yet

benefits of journaling

Your journal is a safe and non judgemental space

I believe there is always 3 steps to mood changing and emotional processing. Feel, express, release. Journaling offers these 3 steps effortlessly, just pick up the pen and get started. Here is your journal prompt for today.

I feel … and go write ..anything! Watch your mood shift.

If you didn’t feel like moving, you might  be energised after 10 minutes journaling, that is all it actually takes. Try it today or the next time your emotions are overwhelming you or mood is low.

Journaling tips

Create a safe non judgemental space in your journal. Allow the pen to be your voice, to release the negative feelings and emotions onto the page and out of the mind and the body. Give your confusions, dilemmas and contemplations to your journal.

6 Key Benefits of Journaling

  1. Lifts your mood
  2. Helps you process emotions
  3. Enhances overall well-being
  4. Reduces stress and anxiety
  5. Raises awareness
  6. Connects you with you

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