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Catriona Jones Coaching - Bloom Girl - Chapter 2 - Desire

What do you Desire?

What do you really desire? This week I am talking about desire. This is because I have had time to...

Finding your Life Purpose

How Alignment with Purpose creates Prosperity

The First Chapter of Bloom Girl is about Purpose I think it is the mother in me, the teacher in...

Female Empowerment Coach

Goal Achievements – 3 Things Successful Women Have

Goal Achievements and how to reach them Goal Achievements is the focus of Chapter 5 of Bloom Girl. This week...

Catriona Jones coaching Money Mindset
Balance 00

My Money Mindset Coaching Tips for you!

It is time for you to turn your Money Mindset around Today I am sharing with you a few Money...

'Bloom Girl' Book Launch Derry
Balance 00

Bloom Girl Book Launch: Thank you for coming!🌸

You Bloom Girl! It was great seeing everyone who attended Bloom Girl’s Book Launch. During the event I had an...

How to overcome Imposter Syndrome

Is Imposter Syndrome creeping in?

What do we mean by imposter syndrome? We have more words than ever before to describe how we are feeling...

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