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Bloom Girl

Catriona Jones June 1, 2021 0 comments 0

I am absolutely delighted that my book Bloom Girl is now available to purchase!

What is Bloom Girl about?

Just as flowers bloom into their final forms, we also have the ability to grow and bloom into fuller, better versions of our true selves. Thankfully there are tools and techniques that can empower us to shift our beliefs, create a positive self-image, and bloom to live our best lives.

Using my experience as a seasoned life coach, intuitive healer, and teacher I share a comprehensive roadmap and toolkit to help women, like you, step into their power and claim their path in the world.

Through my guidance that encourages a connection with nature and the divine, I inspire women to embrace their feminine energy, raise awareness of limited beliefs, and move forward in a new direction to:

  • clarify career aspirations and a life purpose;
  • overcome fear and self-doubt;
  • honor dreams and desires;Bloom Girl Logo
  • master thoughts and emotions;
  • enjoy harmonious and stress-free relationships; and
  • take inspired action to manifest an ideal life.

Bloom Girl shares a roadmap and self-help toolkit that guides women to reveal the goddess within and then give her permission to unfold, bloom, and birth a more powerful version of herself.

What are others saying about Bloom Girl?

Here’s what Derry’s own singer and actress, Bronagh Gallagher had to say about Bloom girl:

Bloom Girl is a powerful testament to one woman’s spiritual awakening. Catriona clearly has a natural gift and ability to clarify the accumulative causes of suffering in women, releasing stagnant, destructive thinking patterns and equips the reader with the wisdom and life changing tools we need to look after ourselves and others. Catriona’s honesty of her own transformational journey to self love and acceptance is both deeply moving and inspiring. I truly believe she has created a unique empowering language of her own that not only Irish women will relate to and embrace but also women all over the world.”

Bloom Girl Book

How do I order a copy of Bloom Girl?

Are you ready to bloom, Girl? If so, you can order your copy here.

When you purchase the book, you will receive access to the workbook that accompanies it and to guided meditations, which I have created especially for you.

Much love,

Catriona x

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