Gender Equality

Do you feel guilty as a mother?

Catriona Jones August 18, 2019 0 comments 0

Do you feel guilt as a mother? Where does it all begin and where does it end? The guilt of a mother and the bottomless pit of love and attention our dear children need ❤️ Am I enough? Most of my life this question followed me around. As a result of my personal self development and my professional work,…

Why Women Bully Women and How We Can Break the Chain

Catriona Jones March 31, 2019 0 comments 0

Mothering Sunday is the perfect day to reflect and celebrate our loving and nourishing qualities 💕 At our best, we as women are unstoppable! We have the creativity, power and wisdom to guide and nurture our offspring. Yet our ‘ Queen Bee’ maintality can make bullying of one another a daily reality for many of us. With so much love…

5 Things All Girls Need to Shine ☀️

Catriona Jones March 24, 2019 0 comments 0

Hey beautiful girl, it’s safe to sparkle and shine I can remember that moment crystal clear as if it were yesterday. Holding our baby daughter for the first time. Her eyes alert, bright white and wide awake. I was bursting with joy, pride and love. Ready to protect like a ferocious tigeress. A wee girl, a daughter! Even though now…


Catriona Jones March 10, 2019 0 comments 0

I love this year’s theme for International Women’s Day 2019 #BalanceforBetter It just brings together beautifully my work, my passion and my dream for Women of the World. It really offers every girl and woman to reflect on their world and where their life is going. This has to begin with a personal reflection on where is my life going and…

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