How Morning Rituals can change your life

Catriona Jones March 6, 2022 0 comments 0

Morning rituals are so important to me. I feel is is of immense value to our personal growth, development and sanity. Today I want to share my thoughts, passion and focus on morning rituals. Decades ago I struggled everyday with life as I suffered with anxiety. I had IBS and I was really intense and life felt intense as well….

Creating Zen in your daily life

Catriona Jones December 6, 2021 0 comments 0

Today we are talking about all things zen.  What are we talking about when creating zen?  Zen is my choice of word for inner peace. It is that place of stillness, of bliss, of quietness, inner knowing and just being. That is what I am talking about when creating zen.  When I begin to talk about this subject, I settle…

5 Ways to Raise YOUR Vibration

Catriona Jones November 22, 2021 0 comments 0

Are you ready to raise YOUR vibration? Today I am going to share with you, top tips on raising your vibration and holding onto your financial frequency. Here is the thing, everything is on a frequency and if we want to expand, develop or grow in any area in our lives, then we have got to raise our frequency. Here…

How Alignment with Purpose creates Prosperity

Catriona Jones October 3, 2021 0 comments 0

The First Chapter of Bloom Girl is about Purpose I think it is the mother in me, the teacher in me and coach in me that loves talking about purpose. When I was a teacher, I knew that all the children that came into the classroom were perfect, whole and complete. This is because when children are born into the…

The Power of Affirmations

Catriona Jones February 28, 2021 0 comments 0

Do affirmations work? This is one of the questions that I am asked most frequently by new clients – “Do affirmations work?” I believe wholeheartedly in the power of affirmations and so I am delighted to share with you an extract from my soon to be released book Bloom Girl. Enjoy! The Power of Affirmations I would like to offer…

Mindset or heartfelt to manifest?

Catriona Jones February 2, 2020 0 comments 0

How I learned to connect with something deeper and move beyond my thinking mind. In a world today where we are gifted with so many schools of thought, formulas and teachings (many very old) on how to create the life of our dreams, it can become overwhelming, especially when you feel stuck and think you are not making headway. I…

Do you sometimes feel like you have lost your sparkle?

Catriona Jones July 28, 2019 0 comments 1

Do you sometimes feel like you’ve lost your sparkle? Activate the magical you! When we arrive as babies into this world, we are pure, radiant and brilliant: A beautiful miracle, full of light. Throughout our life our energy system takes many knocks perhaps as a result of stress, poor nutrition, lack of sleep or addiction. Therefore as we progress through…

Is Meditation good for anxiety?

Catriona Jones June 2, 2019 0 comments 0

Are you suffering silently with anxiety and struggling emotionally? I know how you feel! 🌸 I am no longer ashamed to share that anxiety was a regular occurrence in my daily life. The pain in my chest and mind chatter I experienced had become a normality. I mainly ignored it or got into a battle with it, which only increased…

Meditation – The Key to Success Without the Stress

Catriona Jones April 29, 2019 0 comments 0

What are the 5 Key Benefits of Meditation As mindfulness spreads far and wide, we are asking more questions about the benefits of Meditation. Scientific researchers are going deeper than ever to find out how this practice really works. Many of the most successful and happy people in the world meditate daily and here is why – Science is proving…

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