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Creating the Work and Life Balance

Catriona Jones September 8, 2019 0 comments 0

Creating the balance in life

This week I’ve been visiting many work environments, supporting wellbeing in the workplace. The feedback is often – ‘it’s so hard’ to ‘find’ the balance, dealing with stress and challenging situations. Most days employees feel that they’re going home on empty, exhausted after a demanding day. Finding time and motivation to embed all the self help tools that we know are helpful and good for us! Meditation, Yoga, Journalling, Connecting with nature etc ….

Meditation is key to Balance

How can we actually make any headway in the quest to create a work – life balance if one feels  in the thick of it all the time. Constantly chasing your tail and looking after the  needs of the family.

Basically I recommend that we start at the beginning. Where are you at? What order is in place for the work – family daily routine?

What needs balancing most?

Thoughts, emotions, nutrition, sleep or pleasure…. to list the main ones.

All of these areas in our lives when nurtured, will impact on our energy levels and create the balance that so many of us crave.

There’s nothing worse than running on empty and feeling out of control.

Take control of your life today and choose one area to improve on, perhaps go to bed 30 minutes earlier, drink more water, walk daily, choose a healthy snack. Caffeine, sugar and alcohol deplete our energy system even further, definitely tipping the scales ….. in the wrong direction.

Check in with your inner balance, fall still and top up that unlimited source of energy from within. The power is always in the present moment.

Be in the present moment

This week in my weekly reflection I shared how to shift and lift your mood in 2 minutes, get energized and create the balance. You can watch the replay here

Then our loved ones feel the ripple effect too. Be a wonderful role model to the children of the world! They are watching us. This is a journey that we have to practice and refine, there’s no quick fix!

Have a wonderful week my lovelies and get your hands on more freebies here.

Much love

Catriona 💕

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