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Creating Zen in your daily life

Catriona Jones December 6, 2021 0 comments 0

Today we are talking about all things zen. 

What are we talking about when creating zen? 

Zen is my choice of word for inner peace. It is that place of stillness, of bliss, of quietness, inner knowing and just being. That is what I am talking about when creating zen. 

When I begin to talk about this subject, I settle right into my body and my eyes want to close. 

Zen is what I want to help you achieve today

The first thing is understanding there are many components to who we are.  

We must nurture and nourish ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually. 

Therefore, it is important to start there in order to navigate to creating that zen in our lives. 

We can create zen in a few moments, so sit, be still and present with me. 

Just connect with your body, become aware of your breathing and observe your breath. 

One of the very first things I do when creating zen and being in the moment, is taking three deep, clearing breaths.  

I want to share with you a quote from Bloom Girl in Chapter 4. It is the longest chapter in my book because the zen tools are at the heart of it all. 

The quote is this:

‘I know in this stillness there is a state of pure potential for the sacred to unfold and connect me to the truth and purpose on this earth.  God doesn’t make any excess of anything nor create mistakes, everything created by God has a divine purpose and meaning for life.’

When we create this stillness, we connect within to the bigger better version of ourselves, to the goddess within. In this place is our wisdom, unlimited potential, spontaneity, creativity, all the best bits. 

We have been conditioned to be busy, to keep going, to be taken action. But in actual fact ladies there is a power in stillness.  

creating zen catriona jones coaching - stillness

I want to share story with you that I share in Bloom Girl.

It was a time in my life when I suffered from many things for many years. I was backpacking about 20 years ago and I was mesmerised by the Buddhist nuns that were meditating.  

In that moment I had an awakening, I was just blown away by the sense of stillness that I experienced through observing them. I saw in them something that I was craving, something that I was yearning to experience deep within me. 

Therefore it was my deep desire to wake up and feel at ease with me. This is in addition to feeling at ease with life and with all the people around me. 

This is sometimes the peace that we avoid. But this is the inner work and this is where your freedom, joy and contentment is.  

So I want to give you an overview of these samples that supported me for chapter 4 Bloom Girl.  

So where do we begin? 

The first thing we do is create a sacred space, create some order in your environment. This could possibly be in your home, your workplace, on your desk – wherever you are. Having everything organised as well as in its place will serve you well. 

You might have a crystal or you might have something like a little rose. In conclusion, it is anything that drops you into the body and into the heart. 

The next thing I would suggest is cleansing your area. There is a cleansing prayer in Bloom Girl to help you with this.  

You get to choose the area, clear the energy and most importantly said the intention that you’re creating a sacred space. 

I would encourage you to take those three deep clear breaths. Use the breath to clear the energy, to settle and to wake up the body and to start to shift the energy. Then you will be able to expand the lungs, open the heart and settle the breathing down. 

Therefore, you’ve got your space created. Feel your feet in the ground, lift your shoulders and drop them down then take three deep clearing breaths – that is a pause. Although you should remind yourselves to take these pauses throughout the day. 

Now, I would love to share some of my favourite affirmations with you. (You can also find these on page 74 of Bloom Girl).

Affirmations for creating Zen:

I’m grounded and centred therefore it is safe for me to honour my purpose. 

I feel safe and connected to my power within. 

I do well in the world with confidence and courage  

I love and approve of myself and others 

I speak my truth with love and grace 

I see clearly now from his face on Cam and trust  

I see clearly now from a place called calm and trust  

I know and understand that I am divinely guided and therefore have a sole purpose on earth  

If you download your morning rituals toolkit you will also be able to map out your day. You will also be able to see the videos demonstrating these. 

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