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Do you ever feel confused about your purpose and career?

Catriona Jones March 27, 2022 0 comments 0

As I am sitting here reading chapter 1 of my Bloom Girl book. It is in preparation for our Book Club this evening.  I am reminded about how much I love the conversation around Life Purpose.

I often wonder is it the primary school teacher in me that always saw the amazing potential of small children in their creativity, spontaneity and curiosity. Raw talent and a gift directly form source on a mission. Yet too often contaminated early on by a didactic and institutionalized education system.

A one size fits all curriculum rolled out to measure and test, creating self doubt as we journey through life. I believe these systems know it’s not working. But are so steeped in their programming, they don’t know how to break through the patriarchy and resistance.

Your Purpose:

The good news is however, that the talent and gifts of our inner child still exist. We all have the golden thread of purpose woven through our DNA. A purpose that we came into this world to do. It is something we do uniquely, and therefore in a way that no other can match. When we are aligned with our purposes. We have the potential to light up from the inside and light up everyone else who is in our presence.

It’s effortless and natural. We all know and recognize this stage and witness it daily in children. Often enough, the case is that children are usually closer to God and have suffered less confusion and contamination from the outside world. They are still open, trusting and enthused by life.

Be reassured my lovely that it is never too late to connect deeper with your life purpose and feel even more fulfilled in life. Your inner child will help you remember in addition to reconnecting. Therefore, the heart will signpost the way to your joy, joy is the ultimate seed to plant for success and harmony in life.

You can download my Bloom Girl resource here to support your alignment with purpose and KNOW you too have a wonderful gift to share with the world HERE

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