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Do you sometimes feel like you have lost your sparkle?

Catriona Jones July 28, 2019 0 comments 1
Life Coaching Derry

Bloom with Catriona Jones Coaching

Do you sometimes feel like you’ve lost your sparkle?

Activate the magical you!

When we arrive as babies into this world, we are pure, radiant and brilliant: A beautiful miracle, full of light. Throughout our life our energy system takes many knocks perhaps as a result of stress, poor nutrition, lack of sleep or addiction. Therefore as we progress through our lives we begin to feel depleted and off centre. Rather  than feeling full of energy and curious like a toddler we often end up exhausted, burnt out and running on empty. Agreed?

Feeling burnt out?

Life appears sometimes to be passing us by and we’re behind in our promises to ourselves and others. Goals might not be manifesting quick enough. Low mood, low energy, no me time. And so on …..

We are often left wondering where have we squandered our energy and how can we be more mindful of our emotional energy bank?

Very often we waste our energy on negative chatter in the mind or concerning ourselves with what other people might think. Get distracted or procrastinate.

I wonder …… Would we be so carefree with our money?

How can we become smart emotional bankers, reserve our energy and maybe even live off our interest? Wouldn’t that be amazing.

I am excited to open the door of opportunity to you, to live a more energetic life and live from an empowered place in this world.

You have got this!

Building Up Your Energy Bank

•Focus on one task at a time.

•Stay present to the body and senses

•Pause between tasks and activities

•Connect with nature

•Practice gratitude daily

•Meditate regularly

Need support with 🧘‍♀️ Meditation? My complimentary meditation podcast for you, just click below

Consider a Life Activation Treatment with me to boost your energy?

Aura Healing

Activate the magical you

Life Activation Treatment

•Realign with your original DNA

•Cleanse your energy system of negative debris

•Enjoy an emotional detox and integration of light

•Experience flow and inner peace in life

•Reclaim your power and gifts from within

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Have a happy, healthy and fun Summer 🥰

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Much love for now 💕

Catriona x

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