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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Catriona Jones March 30, 2021 0 comments 0

Could you be suffering from Imposter Syndrome?

People often say to me ‘Oh, you are so confident, you are so good at videos and make it look easy!’ Well making it look easy is often the hard bit!

When I create a new program, launch a workshop, increase my rates, I still today often observe the imposter’s voice come in and say ‘Who do you think you are?’

In the beginning it was loud and clear and I felt like a fraud. I honestly believed I am not skilled enough, qualified enough, pretty enough, smart enough you know the list… The only thing I was waiting to happen was for someone to haul me out of the room and totally humiliate me for being an imposter.

Does this sound familiar, have you ever experienced this in your life? Good news, you are not alone my lovely.

Been there, done that, doing that and got the collection of T-shirts, hats, pen and mouse pad. The collection is still growing …. occasionally. However today the wins far outgrow the self doubt.

How to overcome Imposter Syndrome

Money Mindset keynote Speaker

I want to share with you in a nut shell how to overcome this imposter syndrome feeling and sometimes very limiting story we tell ourselves. It can actually sabotage our whole world. Joke aside it is not fun! Did you know the word desire comes from Latin meaning to wish for ‘from the stars’. Therefore is a spiritual calling from within your body when you have a desire. It is your essence, your way of showing up in the universe, expressing YOU and your unique talent in the world. If you have it, it comes from within. How could it possibly not be you! Who do you think you’re not?

Let me share a personal story that really helps me to crush Imposter Syndrome when it shows it’s meek pathetic voice today. I love what I do. I feel aligned with my purpose and passion. I know I have the desire and the ability to impact other people’s lives. In the past I have been shy about reaching out, standing tall, offering my coaching services and have watched others in my industry swoop in and scoop the deal. I would feel devastated at the time – cheated, angry and entitled.

Why? I missed out, I did the groundwork, the client needed my help and I didn’t ask for the sale. The other Coach was blameless, she had ditched her Imposter Syndrome hat, trusted desire and learnt (through emotional pain too perhaps) that if she doesn’t serve, step up, take the leap of faith, someone else will. That person may not even have been as good as me or you but they make the offer whilst we walk away.

Don’t leave the money on the table!

If we do not make the follow up call or send the email – we leave money on the table, potentially paying a disservice to both you and your ideal client. I hope this is sounding a like a crazy idea (that anyone would think about leaving money on the table) but that is how Imposter Syndrome gets to sabotage our growth, expansion and success in the world.

The next time your hear that saboteur’s voice, assert yourself and show fear and self doubt the door. Repeat after me ‘If not me, who then? I am the girl for the job!’

Make your move now or it’s all over but the crying!

Imposter syndrome quote

Remember this:

  1. A desire is your soul calling for expansion (spirit doesn’t wear any hats)
  2. If not you, who then?
  3. Make your move and offer your talent to the world.

Go now!!!!

If you need one more power thought to shift your energy, a kind friend reminded me the other day. We are the granddaughters of the witches they didn’t get to burn at the stake!

Be a fierce goddess and give it all you got!

For more tips on overcoming Imposter Syndrome, watch this short video.

Book your free discovery call today and we can discuss how I can help you overcome Imposter Syndrome and slay the saboteur.

Much love,

Catriona x

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