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Goal Achievements – 3 Things Successful Women Have

Catriona Jones September 27, 2021 0 comments 0

Goal Achievements and how to reach them

Goal Achievements is the focus of Chapter 5 of Bloom Girl.

This week we had a full moon that may have made you feel more intense. You may also have felt a shift and readiness to take your life to the next level.

I am going to share with you three things that all successful women have that help them meet their goal achievements.

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Number 1: FOCUS

The number one thing that all successful women have that we must revisit after 90 days – is a target.

This is often something we take our eye away from – but the reason we do this is scientific. This is a masculine energy of focus.

In Bloom Girl, I describe the feminine and masculine energies – the feminine is like the egg that is ready to receive sitting and the masculine energy is the sperm heading towards the target.

The number one thing we must have is a target and focus.

So, get your target, whether it is a money target or health goal.

You need to have a focus and a target – where are you going, what is your target for this week?

We need to measure it and learn to map our achievements out.

When we have that target and we keep our eye on the bullseye, that is when we pick up momentum and achieve more in our business.

Stayed focused and keep your eye on the ball.

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The number two thing that all successful women have is a structure and system to how we run our business.

This again is pulling in our masculine energy, so we need to harness this energy.

What are you committed to doing everyday so you show up and stay consistent and persistent in your business?

Get your house in order with structure and systems.

Use your Morning Rituals downloads like this goal planner:

Catriona Jones Coaching Goal Planner for Goal Achievements


Number 3: URGENCY

Number three is one that I love, and I love it because I heard it from the first time from Tony Robbins.

One of my favourite things that Tony says is “Make your move and go now!”

So, when we have this sense of urgency along with the focus and structure we go now and do not put it off.

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