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Happy Easter! Are you witnessing the really good bits too?

Catriona Jones April 10, 2022 0 comments 0

Easter holidays are looming and I am taking time to unwind and reflect. As I write today I am intending to offer tips for blooming in business. It has been a really great quarter for me. However, what really sits in my heart centre to celebrate, is the appreciation of Team Jones! We are all growing together as a family. Our 2 children are now teenagers and it can feel like we are navigating choppy waters at times.

Watching them become more resilient in life makes my heart sing. Observing my husband and I work together to turn a challenging situation around and allowing ourselves to be authentic and sometimes vulnerable, is a win. All we want for our children is to see them happy and feel loved, right?

Sometimes our greatest successes and achievements in life are the ones that we take for granted and ignore because we have become champions at finding fault with ourselves. Day to day roles such as being a mother and a wife, our relationships takes real inner work! I have decided this Easter to appreciate deeply and focus on the good stuff and to constantly remind myself of how much I am loved and share that love with my husband and children.

Remember this, just as flowers bloom into their final forms, we also have the ability to grow and bloom into fuller versions of our true selves. At times we simply have to be still and witness this unfolding. Take time out girl, to admire your awesomeness …

Take a few moments over the Easter break to note all of the wonderful things that you achieve and how you keep going strong every day. Celebrate your loved ones. You are all in the same team and the unique love you hold for one another.

Therefore, we are not home until everyone is home and from this loving nurturing place that we call home, everything blooms and flourishes.

Happy Easter and much love to you all
Catriona x


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