The way to experience joy and peace in your heart every day is by honouring who you really are. Are you ready to own you story and live life to the full? Do you ever notice others that look radiant and light and wonder what their secret recipe is? Very often the people that have that sense of ease about them are on a Healing Journey. When we own our story and fully explore the enormity of the impact of past hurts, it clears the dust from our heart and creates space for the magic of life.

Are you ready?

I am a Certified Heal Your Life Teacher and Coach based on the Philosophy of Louise Hay. Louise is an inspirational global teacher, Mother of motivation and her book and work has healed so many people around the world. I create a safe space for you to explore where in your body you are carrying past hurts and emotional pain. When we spot it, we got it!

Allow me to gently guide you on this healing journey so you can go within and find the magic of the amazing person you truly are.


Angel Card Reading

We never walk alone; we are always surrounded by the loving light of our angels. Gift yourself with a beautiful angel card reading. Allow yourself to be reconnected with the divine. Angels are also divine healers. They bring to us the beautiful healing rays from heaven. We only have to ask.

Each card that you draw from the deck comes to you for a reason. With the help of your angels and spiritual law of attraction, know what you are vibrating to the universe, focus on how to heal and affirm for the life you dream of.
Your angel card reading will be soothing, nurturing and bring peace to your heart. It is your birth right to feel happy and content.

Angel Card Reading £40 (30 – 40 minutes)

The Crystal Reading

Scrying the Crystal ball can often add clarity to a particular situation in one’s life. It can be useful for a question or an intention.

During a relaxed reading it offers extended insight beyond the situation.

Gain clarity for personal growth around Relationships, Career, Health or Finances.

Free yourself from the cycles of fear, stress and guilt that limits our lives and keeps us stuck.

Angel Card and Crystal Ball £50 (40 – 50 minutes)

Life Purpose Reading

In the beginning of this life, each of us orchestrated with God (whoever you choose that to be for you) a life purpose. There is a divine gift that each of us has to share with the world and serve.

Do you feel off track in life? Are you feeling unfulfilled? Is your heart sad or heavy? Does life feel like an uphill struggle?

It is your time to paddle downstream effortlessly. Know you too have a life purpose. Ask the angels for guidance and clarity on your life purpose or to help remove stumbling blocks that are limiting you from growing and moving in the direction of your dreams.

Allow me to connect for you.

Cost – £60 (60 minutes)

A Package is recommended to ensure growth & progress on your journey