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How Alignment with Purpose creates Prosperity

Catriona Jones October 3, 2021 0 comments 0

The First Chapter of Bloom Girl is about Purpose

I think it is the mother in me, the teacher in me and coach in me that loves talking about purpose.

When I was a teacher, I knew that all the children that came into the classroom were perfect, whole and complete.

This is because when children are born into the world, we never look at them and think they are missing or lacking something.

They are so beautiful and perfect and have that wholeness energy that comes with being a new-born baby.

What I talk about in my chapter about Purpose

I talk about how we all have a unique gift and talent, that we came into this world to do.

This isn’t just something we can do, but something that lights us up or lights up everyone around us.

We all have a purpose

I want to reassure you that in this moment you have a purpose, there is something that you came here to do.

If you are not feeling in alignment with your power, prosperity or abundance, then you need to tweak something in your life.

You need to clear the dust in your heart to simply remember my lovely.

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Catriona Jones Coaching Purpose creates prosperity

Success leaves clues

Here are the clues I have for you today:

  • There is a direct correlation between purpose, personal power, passion and prosperity –  All of these impact how much money you have in your life.
  • Everything is frequency and vibration – The universe responds not just to our thoughts and words but also to the feelings we give off that creates a frequency.


What has this got to do with Purpose, prosperity and passion?

The thing is, we arrive into this world close to source.

Look at children and how they are always full of life. They use their physical body and physiology to stay in what Tony Robbins calls a ‘peak state’.

When we are in alignment with our life purpose, with our sacred contract, then we are emitting high vibe energy and our success is guaranteed.

So purpose and passion will equal our prosperity because it will raise our vibe and our energy.

Here is the important word today: ALIGNMENT

Everything that you do, think, say and how you live your life has got to be in alignment.

So drop into the heart and remember what you love. Remember what lights you up and from that point everything will flow.

You will be so magnetic that the journey will only be effortless.

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Catriona Jones Coaching - How Alignment with purpose creates prosperity

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