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How to Attract your Soulmate

Catriona Jones January 24, 2022 0 comments 0

Today I want to share with you my top tips to manifesting your soulmate.

I have been with my husband who is my soulmate for 22 years. He makes me laugh everyday and my world is so much better having him with me in it.

So, I believe each and everyone of us is deserving of love.

As above, so below, as within so without

Step one: Self Love

All the thoughts and feelings and beliefs that we are harnessing about love we are harnessing are all within us. Therefore, we want to turn that story around and make it positive and in line with what you want to manifest.

So I want you to focus on self-love and self-care.


Step 2: Ask: What am I bringing to the table?

If you want your soulmate to be a 10/10 you have to look at yourself and score yourself also.

You should be the best version of you to attract the best person for you.

And when you find your soulmate, if you give to them, they will give back.

All relationships need the energy of working on them and showing up more for each other.

So you need to stop judging them and focus on what you are bringing – that will take care of all the other pieces.

Step 3: Things that shut love down

We all need love and connection.

I believe we thrive, flourish and fully bloom with love and connections with others.

All we know that is true in this world is love.

If we are operating outside of love then we are operating from a place of fear.

The three U’s of what shuts down relationships and intimacy for women:

  1. Feeling unseen – we are craving attention which is why self-care is important as it settles that energy within.
  2. Feeling not understood – This is the part of us that wants to be heard and understood instead of solutions from our partner – just understood about how we are feeling.
  3. Feeling unsafe.

Now look in the mirror and say, ‘I hear you, I understand, I love you, you are safe’

This will fill a huge piece within and attract more of that.

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