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How to deal with negative people, places and situations

Catriona Jones May 5, 2019 0 comments 2

Are you ready to free yourself from negative people?

Many of us struggle with negativity in our world. It might be from your boss, partner, co- worker, neighbour, family or friends. It can bring us down and even to the brink of exhaustion.

I am proud to be a Louise Hay Teacher and Coach

How do we deal with negativity that feels very real, frustrating and impossible to be around. One of the key ways of dealing with it is of course not to deal with it but deal with our own inner work. Sound strange? Let me explain: negativity can no longer affect us when we choose to go within and keep the focus on our own inner world.

Let go of negative people

One of my greatest inspirational teachers of all time was Louise Hay. I am proud to have trained  as a Louise Hay Heal Your Life Teacher and Coach. Louise always taught that what we give out is what we get back. What we focus on and believe becomes true for us. It’s the natural law of the universe.

Challenging I know! The universe is responding to our energy all the time, to our thoughts and vibration. Therefore, what we accept or believe becomes our reality. When continue to focus on negativity, it shows up all around us.

Catriona Jones Life Coach

How do we turn the situation around?

We deal with our own negative thinking patterns that are creating these experiences. As children we learn what to believe about ourselves and life from our home. We recreate our emotional lives in our personal and work life. This doesn’t mean we are good or bad, right or wrong. It’s just how we are wired.

The negative people, places or situations can be used as great learning experiences to become aware of what the world is reflecting back to us. Where do we need to heal?

Take back your power today. The power is within and in this present moment. Continue to let go of blame, judgement and criticism. The following Meditation may be of help with the letting go ❤️

Just click below.

Many of my clients find the wheel of life helpful for inner reflection and some other helpful self love tools can be found here.

What to you want in life? Download my self help toolkit here 💐

In letting go, you can reclaim your own personal power, honour your needs and change any negative thinking feeling pattern within you.

Free yourself today, surround yourself with love. Be the positive vibe you want to feel from others. Do not respond to ‘their’ negativity and affirm for more of what lifts you up.

You are enough and deserving of an uplifting life.

Affirmation – I am willing to release the pattern in my consciousness that is creating this negativity in my life 🙏

Today I choose happy, positive and uplifting thoughts.

Much Love

Live your dream life today

Catriona 💕



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