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how to finish the year strong

Catriona Jones December 1, 2022 0 comments 0
Are you ready to finish 2022 strong? Let me share something with you. I make more money in December than most months in the year and I think I know why.

I get all fired up about finishing the year strong and beating my personal best. Therefore showing up fighting fit to begin the New Year. I think I developed the muscle to work right up to New Year’s Eve from my retail days of having a shop. Thus it has served me well.

Holding ourselves accountable to time is critical to success in business particularly when we are self employed. When employed by someone else, would you clock off on the first December? Then tell yourself  ‘fresh start in January, sure everyone is preparing for Christmas’. As female entrepreneurs it is well worth valuing our own business and putting in the same efforts, if not more. Are you tracking your time and business activities? What would you score yourself on effort?

manage time in business

Show up for YOU!

Finish 2022 fighting fit and the New Year will be a breeze … you will be good to go – effortlessly. Need help with your schedule and time recording, download my Morning Rituals Planner here

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Are you ready to bring 2022 in for a landing and bring your personal best Self to the table, the dinner table at Christmas? KNOWING in your heart you gave YOUR all (with all the fire in your belly) TO YOUR GOALS!

Please, please do not feel you have to do this alone. I am here to navigate this beautiful landing with you, supporting you in whatever way I can help. Let’s collaborate for a power hour together.

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“A beautiful read – inspiring! All the tools are mapped out for women to believe in themselves and reach their life goals. Catriona Jones has taught me that the answers are within! A must read!” 

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