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How to love your body? – my 5 top tips ❤️

Catriona Jones May 19, 2019 0 comments 0

Does my bum look big in this?

Body shaming is tough to deal with and can impact how we love, show up for work, parent our children and simply live our life.

As Brené Brown PHD discovered in her research nearly all women feel ashamed of their bodies at one time or another.

How can we save ourselves from this long reach of body shame? It is more challenging than ever for women and young girls to live up to the girl in the glossy front cover of a magazine. (believing they have to) Where wafer thin is perceived as natural beauty.

What we think and believe about our bodies reaches far beyond and impacts further than our appearances. It’s the number one shamer for women and it can become a daily mental anguish and struggle.

What can we do to finally love our bodies and stop obsessing about body weight and image ?

Love Your Body

Start practicing new ways of relating and connecting to our body. The human body is a precious tool relentlessly serving us day in and day out. If it were to judge us a friend, how would we stand? Who wants a fair weather friend constantly measuring and comparing, reminding you when you don’t measure up to the mark? Scolding and judging.

It’s time to go within and connect with our true self. Little babies love every inch of their body and somewhere along the line we learn to criticize our body, believing that we’re not good enough. Unfortunately the sub conscious mind accepts what we say and the negative messages becomes a deep ingrained pattern. We focus on weight gain and we pile on the pounds. Law of attraction st work. Fad weight loss programs rarely challenge the underlying emotional need to over eat and we resist to connect deeper with our emotions and our bodies.

I would love to share with you some of the things that helped me drop the body shame weight gain and turn my body image around again! Looking great and feeling amazing. Feeling totally comfortable in my own skin again and it was an inside job! 🥰

C9 Body Cleanse

A holistic approach to weight management

1. Reflect

What messages are you telling yourself about your body? What does that inner critic say when you look in the mirror? By repeating these messages you plant the seeds of negativity and they will come true for you.

Take some time to reflect on how amazing your body is at showing up and functioning every day. The following relaxation might help with gratitude for your body. As you move through the body scan be grateful for that part of your body and the job it performs.

2. Relax and be grateful –

In  order to break this cycle of criticizing our body we need to pivot and build positive momentum. Starting with gratitude.

3. Drink Aloe

Aloe Vera Gut Cleanse

The Medicine Plant

My body loves Aloe Vera

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We must respect the body as a precious tool that actually houses our soul. I love to nourish my body with Aloe Vera, the medicine plant! It cleanses the gut, energizes my body bringing it to homeostasis.

A great kick start to a body you will really love. Read more here about the great nourishment and nutritional value of Aloe Vera here.

4. Affirm daily

Loose the weight

Cleanse the gut

Happy thoughts can help create a healthy body. Daily affirmations will ensure your body responds to you by giving you excellent health in no time. Each part of your body will respond to your messages at a deep cellular level. Your body will work harmoniously responding to the harmonious words you feed it.

5. Mirror Work

Look in a full length mirror every day and thank your body for serving you so well. Be truly grateful. Nurture your body daily, eg drink water, choose a healthy option, take a walk or gentle exercise, have a bath and pamper your body.

Affirmations for a Body You’ll Love

I am tired of my body can become I listen to my body.

I’m too fat can become I am grateful to my amazing body.

I need to loose weight can become I love and appreciate my body.

I am not enough can become I am in the process of positive change, and I deserve the best.

Loose the weight

Love Your Body

❤️ I am grateful for my healthy body, I love life ❤️

Be kind and gentle with yourself

You’ve got this!

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Much Love

Catriona 💕


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