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how to maintain your sanity during the holidays

Catriona Jones December 20, 2022 0 comments 1

Feeling triggered

Too much friends and family isn’t always a good thing. Let me tell you why and how to maintain your sense of serenity during the festive season. We as humans all have individual temperaments and tendencies that were developed in our family of origin. Therefore, they are the basis of our personal story patterns from childhood. These can be reactivated whilst reconnecting with family of origin or remembering occasions from the past. In personal development we journey to move from the ‘old emotional home’ of triggers and create a ‘new emotional home’ of self empowerment. This can be one of joy, happiness and inner peace, with prosperity.

Temperament and Tendencies

Life Coach

Maintaining sanity during the holidays

The 3 places we have a tendency to go to when feeling triggered can be sadness, anger or fear. This is usually an inbuilt defense mechanism from a historic place within. This is a part of us that had good intentions to protect us and keep us safe. We can now choose to view life from a more grown up perspective. We are no longer a little child feeling unsafe in the world. It is safe to relax out of the defense mechanism and be fully present in life. This allows us to enjoy the beauty of life around us.

Being present and in the moment is the magic pill to serenity and consciousness, to reparent the inner child. It is in a state of awareness that we get to observe the rise of fear, anger or sadness. Listen to the body and stay conscious. From a point of awareness we can be the observer and trust that this too will pass. Allow me to share a beautiful process to support you to maintain sanity during a busy holiday period.

Maintaining your sanity

  1. Stay connected to your body and breath, by pressing pause
  2. Observe any sensations in your body
  3. Get more curious to the feeling or emotion that arises
  4. Name it, observe it and stay present
  5. Create space between communication and dialogue (connect with you)
  6. Affirm inwardly with affirmations (deep breath)
  7. Remove yourself from environment and connect with nature if possible
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Ground and centre in nature

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Wishing you an uplifting holiday from my heart to yours,



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