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How to shift negative thinking patterns to manifest

Catriona Jones November 29, 2021 0 comments 0

If we want to shift our negative thinking patterns we have to own our story

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In Chapter 3 of my book Bloom Girl, I talk about our story patterns which we all have.

It is a wonderful journey when we are transforming, growing and becoming better versions of ourselves.

I will admit, it is not easy but if you make the decision to step into your journey, I can reassure you it is really worth the trip.

It is worth the discomfort, the shedding and letting go. Because who we become is a bigger, better, happier more joyful, creative and spontaneous version of ourselves. 

So how do we go about shifting those negative thinking patterns?

I am going to share a tip with you that I learnt from Louise Hay.

It is, ‘we first have to become aware of the thinking patterns.’

We look at the thinking patterns that are getting in the way of our peace today. Awareness is the beginning to shifting the native thoughts that we don’t want.

We have to get clear with what the thoughts are. So you have to name them.

We all have a story, a programme, ancestral baggage or belief systems that are getting in the way of feeling complete today.

None of us woke up with these negative thinking patterns, because that are build from years ago. So stepping into our story and reflecting on the pattern, we then get to observe and become more conscious of this block and piece of us that is no longer serving us.

Becoming aware of the negative thinking patterns is the first step.

Here is the truth about all of us: we are all beautiful whole and complete just the way we are.

If you have a goal or intention or vision then it is yours and you wouldn’t have it if it doesn’t belong to you therefore you have everything you need to manifest it. 

I’m giving you a golden nugget that Louise Hay would say, ‘take a moment to be with the worry or negative thought and notice where is it coming from?’

Hear that voice and energetically connect with that negative thinking pattern. As that comes in, we want to take time to acknowledge it as this is simply the survival mind that is trying to keep you safe.

Negative thoughts are trying to protect us.  

Take time to journal these pieces. This negative just wants to be heard.

So you should acknowledge it and then say thank you for sharing, I understand you are trying to keep me safe; I am safe, this is my time to bloom.

As we do that something settles within us and the negative thinking patterns begin to go away.

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