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I used to fight with people in my head …

Catriona Jones May 21, 2022 0 comments 3

I used to fight with people in my head …

Do you ever find yourself replaying the tape of negativity or regurgitating unpleasant events, encounters or toxicity? Or maybe even lying awake at night having future conversations. The never ending script of ‘she said’, ‘he said’, it is so draining and depleting – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

Living in fear or from a place of love

 is the choice that is given to every human being. The brain is designed to detect fear, therefore it is fair to say that we are hard wired to find what could go wrong or is wrong in situations. This high alert served the cave man well, back in the day in the event of the tiger approaching but we are living in a very different world today. We have moved on, yet we feel triggered frequently and can still perceive ourselves to be in danger at times. (for example when someone takes our seat or car parking space). At times it appears we are steeped in a world full of negativity.

Fear can become a habitual way of life for many of us and I have experienced the emotional pain of living life daily from a place of fear. I used to live in my head, on the defensive and respond to situations with blame and judgment. It is exhausting and there is very little joy to be found in this place.

 A course in miracles says we can choose to operate from one of two minds Love or Fear

Although, we can detour to fear again and again in life, we can also return to love. The return to love is a place of trust and knowing. It is the inner journey of reflection, self -love and seeing love reflected in others, bringing us to a deeper understanding that life is exactly the way it is meant to be.

Living and seeing life from this perspective and  new lense, is the invitation and toolkit available to you in my book ‘Bloom Girl’. I share my story of pivoting from fear, anxiety and a digestive challenge to the new emotional home of selflove, growth and bloom – to flourish in a world that really does support us. I give you the step by step tools so that you no longer have to lie awake at night my lovely.

Bloom Girl Resources here

Simply ask yourself this question so you can pivot from Fear to Love and sleep happily.

What would love do now?

There is an abundance of freedom and inner peace to be experienced when we consciously live life as best we can from a place a love, connected to the body and heart, dropping judgment, blame and criticism of ourselves and others. Seeing the good and greatness in everyone. The Truth of who we really are …

Choose love ….

You are deserving of a beautiful life.

Much love Catriona x

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