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Is Imposter Syndrome creeping in?

Catriona Jones September 10, 2021 0 comments 0

What do we mean by imposter syndrome?

We have more words than ever before to describe how we are feeling and sometimes we describe imposter syndrome.

We believe that we do not have the capability and are consumed with self-doubt. This can lead us to not believing in our abilities and feeling like a fraud.

The reality is, everyone experiences these episodes where we ask ourselves, “Who am I?”

To overcome this we must remember to connect deeper with who we are.

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Feeling like an imposter?

Feeling like an imposter instagram post.

How can you feel like an imposter?

When you feel like an imposter and doubt yourself, you are living in a place of fear. This is because when you operate from a centred heart, your authenticity will always be your indicator as to whether you are showing up as an imposter.

You cannot be an imposter if you are loving what you do and are working from a centred heart.

When you feel like an imposter, connect with the heart and bring this feeling in, check on the facts and remember the truth of who you are.

Journal your accomplishments and join the dots while spending time at your hearts centre.


Imposter syndrome can be stopped.

Imposter Syndrome

There is going to be times when it creeps in, you can listen to it and let it consume you or you can say, “If it is not me, who?”

This is my favourite affirmation because I know what I can do and manage the feeling of imposter syndrome.

Remember, you have a purpose, you have a passion and you have something that you can do in a unique way that will light others up.





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Imposter Syndrome

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