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Is Meditation good for anxiety?

Catriona Jones June 2, 2019 0 comments 0

Are you suffering silently with anxiety and struggling emotionally?

I know how you feel! 🌸

I am no longer ashamed to share that anxiety was a regular occurrence in my daily life. The pain in my chest and mind chatter I experienced had become a normality. I mainly ignored it or got into a battle with it, which only increased the intensity and my stress.

I can actually recall the day 20 years ago when I was diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and my immediate response was what an inconvenience!  I was teaching in London at the time and living a very busy life. However a wee voice was constantly whispering in my ear, you need to slow down.

Overcoming anxiety

Meditation helped me overcome anxiety

When I look at this photograph of me taken almost 20 years ago, I think I look younger today. I know I feel lighter and my inner self belief is more robust.

To be honest I did slow down ever so slightly but my journey of slowing down took a while. Pressure and stress was very familiar to me and I had deep patterns to undo.

Meditation transformed my life

Meditation transformed my life

However, I did begin to become more self aware and little by little I caught glimpses of change happening within me. Reading self development books helped massively, as did yoga but the real transformational change came with daily practice of mindfulness and meditation.

I became so overwhelmed with the change in me and the peace I was experiencing I wanted to share it  with everyone! I decided to make the transition out of traditional teaching and into well being. I knew that this would serve people in a deep and meaningful way. It would also allow me to live a more meaningful flexible life and parent our children from a place of love and calmness.

Parenting from the heart

Parenting from the heart

I set up my own well-being business almost 12 years ago ‘Catriona Jones Coaching’ and now teach in a way that lights me up! I support people 1-1 to deal with any limiting beliefs that may be getting in the way of their happiness. I teach in schools, organizations and facilitate groups. I love it! I offer healing treatments and nutritional products.

I am really passionate about inner child healing and offering day to day tools to relieve anxiety and stress. I know the journey of healing can be a challenge so I have step by step techniques that are accessible to everyone via my coaching packages and classes.

Teaching the Max MeditationTM system unique to the teachings of The Modern Mystery School is a gift to share with others alongside my work based on the philosophy of Louise Hay. ❤️

Life Coach Derry

Today I love to share what I’ve learnt on my journey

If you are suffering from anxiety or stress,  firstly know you are not alone and it’s safe to talk about it. Staying silent around our mental health only feeds the shame.

Today I am delighted to share that I no longer suffer anxiety or IBS. I practice mindfulness and meditation daily and put my self care first on my priority list.

I would like to share with you this reflection to help you if you ever experience anxiety or stress.

Connecting with your body and senses as recommended in my video above is a great place to start.

If you would like to get your hands on more of my tools and freebies join my Women’s group here 🙏

Know you are perfect, whole and complete, you’ve got this my lovely 🌹

Big hugs

Love yourself

Know you are enough

Catriona 🌸

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