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Learning to declutter the mind

Catriona Jones January 26, 2023 0 comments 0

Decluttering the mind

I love a good declutter!

I get to experience a rush of exhilaration from tidying out a wee cupboard, maybe even the cutlery drawer or the dumping ground under the stairs. Order is divine. According to author, Genevieve Behrend in her book  ‘Your Invisible Power’ order is heaven’s first law.

Nothing has served me better in this life, than learning how to declutter and empty the mind. You know, people often say to me … I just cannot meditate, my mind keeps wondering! My response is – that is it, you are observing your thoughts and being still. If we can notice our thoughts then we are conscious. So long as the heart keeps beating, the finger nails keep growing, the mind will keep on thinking. That is the job of the mind. Our job is to be mindful and in the moment.

Snippets of stillness along the way, build up to inner peace

What we get to do is quieten the mind to experience stillness and the I AM presence, even if it is only snippets of stillness, some days. When I first committed to my journey of personal development, my number one goal was inner peace. I yearned to experience life without the worry, self doubt and heaviness, that hung between my lungs. Quite frankly, I wanted to clear the dust from my heart.

Learning to meditate

Angkor Wats Cambodia

Witnessing the Buddhist Nuns Meditate

In my ‘Bloom Girl’ book I share my story of witnessing the Buddhist nuns meditating in the Angkor Wats Cambodia and setting the intention for me to experience that bliss and connection. Love and connection is what I value most in the world today. Although at that time I had no idea HOW I would achieve it.

Press Pause

Following that inspiration I began to practice pausing by myself, but I had no system as such, no social media to assist me (at that time) Just a knowing that there is a place of peace within me too. I had observed it, but more importantly, I felt it. Amid all my anxiety and my chaotic mind, I experienced the non physical part of the human existence. I wanted more.

The daily practice of Mindfulness and Meditation is a non negotiable in my every day life. When we deepen our connection with the I AM presence we relax, have faith and trust in the flow of life. The process and practice empowers us to have clarity and daily of anything that causes agitation, is out of alignment with our own values and causing agitation. A daily spring clean to maintain equilibrium.

I have created  a step-by-step Guided Meditation to help you learn to pause and be still too my lovely, no woman left behind.

Relaxation Meditation

Make a decision to embed self care and mindfulness into your day and you will experience more balance, joy and harmony in life.

Take time to connect and experience inner peace today!


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