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Something has to give, let go of self sabotage

Catriona Jones October 16, 2022 0 comments 0

What do you value most in your life?

The first step to personal mastery is awareness, personal awareness. I am your typical high achiever and often quick to self criticise. I have learnt to accept along the way that perfection is unobtainable. We are all imperfectly perfect. It is unusual to experience that all areas of  life are thriving simultaneously and natural to be working on one particular area of life, over another. This week I attended the most inspirational All Ireland Women’s Conference. As I arrived and settled down at my table I began to admire all the lively beautiful women in the room. I noticed the loveliness of their outfits, vibrant make up and neatly styled hair! Then as usual my inner critic joined the party and reminded me that my hair wasn’t sitting so good, my roots were well over due a touch up and I ought to have got a blow dry.

My inner critic and I are old friends …

Female Empowerment

I skillfully greeted my critical friend and thanked him dearly for protecting me and keeping me safe, quietening the voice and reminding this part of me, that all is well. This allowed me to immediately activate my nurturing parent within and compliment myself. I observed how relaxed I felt, how I safely drove to the venue (a 2 hour trip) enjoyed uplifting company, greeted warmly with a coffee, expressed gratitude and felt totally comfortable in my own skin. I was excited to listen and learn. I acknowledged the excitement of my inner child for being dressed in pink and orange, an explosion of colour. I felt great.

Learning to know thyself

My hair critic is a common pattern in my life, a familiar big stick! I can recall recently a hairdresser reaching out to me on social media and offering to give me a restyle, a ‘more vibrant younger look’ lol. I totally get where she was coming from because I know my hair looks wind swept and disheveled at times. I have not made my wavy perimenopausal hair, number 1 on my list. Getting crystal clear on what we prioritise in our lives is critical to creating balance and inner peace daily. Although, I leave the hair dressers regularly feeling like a queen and vowing to take good care of my hair, it doesn’t happen. I go to bed with wet hair, swim without a cap and wing it in the morning.

Can we get it all perfect?

So what are my priorities then? First and foremost is my inner peace and sense of being present, then family first. Meditation is the very first thing I do every morning and I leave our home feeling a sense of confidence and calm. From this place I can show up as my best self and attend to the needs of our children and maintain as much equilibrium in my work throughout the day. This gives me the power to tentatively manage my inner landscape with awareness and serve from a heartfelt and non judgemental space.

What do I value most in the world?

Love and connection with spiritually, putting myself, husband and children first. I love a story that Jamie Kern Lima shares in her book Believe It. Jamie was attending an Oscars event and had the opportunity to meet Meg Whitman. Meg Whitman is a global icon for many business owners. She’s been the CEO of companies including eBay and Hewlett – Packard and the second richest woman in the USA 2021. Jamie asked Meg, ‘I have a question for you. I’ve been blown away lately by how women, almost everyone, no matter how successful they are, all have one thing in common – they’ve spent energy worrying about and feeling insecure in their body, weight or appearance. Have you ever felt this way?’

‘No’ she responded

‘Really’ replied Jamie

‘Something has to give’ said Meg Whitman

There it is my lovelies, from one of the most successful women on the planet. We cannot do it all, we get to decide in the midst of family life, and career, what do we value most? What are we prepared to give up worrying about? What are you prepared to let go of worrying about and what is worth nurturing in your life? Another favourite question I share with my clients is ‘Who else can help?’

Allow me to share my current top 5 values and everything else is an absolute bonus (including the blow dry)

  1. Love & Connection
    Confidence Coach Derry

    I value love and connection most

  2. Family
  3. Spirituality
  4. Energy
  5. Authenticity

Be clear on who you are, what you value most and train your inner critic to relax. Need more support nurturing your inner world, join my ‘Bloom Girl’ private membership group for regularly tips and support. Link below

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Inner peace looks absolutely drop dead

gorgeous on every woman.

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