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Make Magic Happen ….. miss you beautiful Paris πŸ’‹

Catriona Jones August 28, 2018 0 comments 0

Make Magic Happen Today

Bonjour from The Eiffel Tour β˜€οΈ

Craft your own masterpiece ……… Oh Le Gai Paris I miss you so much!

Majestic buildings and monuments, breath-taking art, gourmet coffee, chic boutiques, the romantic River Seine, warm sun, the best company ever and so much more – The Goddess Within relished in every moment of it. My senses have been totally indulged, my heart deeply inspired and my inner child jumping with joy from my recent family trip to Paris. In this life anything is possible; we really are incredible beings with unlimited potential. If you ever doubt that take a trip to this amazing city and reclaim your power and potential.

Craft Your Own Masterpiece

There is a creative genius in each and everyone of us, a talent and gift to share with the world in a divine and exceptional way.

So what gets in the way of our personal power and how do we access the magic? Day to day we often feel so disconnected from the direction of our dreams. It is easy to become demotivated, loose heart and just plod on because that is what tradition has taught us. Can there be more to 9am to 5pm life? Are we ready to dispose of the traditional work story of exchanging time for money and are we ready to take our place with the great Masters and craft our very own masterpiece, tapestry and live the abundant prosperous life? Know our worth, serve and share it with others. We all have God and Goddess within us ……

Rhonda Byrne in her book The Secret instilled the β€˜Law of Attraction’ belief in many of us and evoked a great culture of asking. How do we move beyond the asking and align, attract and manifest, creating better feeling experiences and new patterns of thought as outlined in the champion work of Esther and Gerry Hicks?

Step 2 is learning to allow, allowing ourselves to receive. The universe will respond to our vibration therefore every single relationship we have will impact our manifestation of magic.

Are you ready to declutter the negative thinking, judgement, criticism and create the life you imagine? It is not easy and indeed often the road less travelled. I am certainly back on the wagon. Dusting down my self-help tool kit and dreaming bigger than ever. Today I choose uplifting company, see beauty all around me and choose my thoughts carefully.

In my day to day Toolkit I cannot go without Meditation, Yoga, Positive Affirmations and Journaling. I need to speak it, write it and move to it every day.

Choose company that raises your vibration, ponder your dreams, develop a tool kit and know you are lovable, beautiful Β and a gift to the world.

You are so beautiful πŸ’‹

Carve out your creation and launch your rocket of desire today ……

I support you

Much Love


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