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Manifesting and setting Heartfelt Intentions

Catriona Jones September 1, 2021 0 comments 0

Are you accessing your purest energy when manifesting?

Inside each of us there is an energy – it is inside everything and is the key to manifesting.

This week we have been dropping into the heart and operating with the purest form of energy.

Together, we need to understand the true value of the heart to drop into it and set our heartfelt intentions.

To access this energy can be challenging as we need to go above the mind. But it never stops – my nickname for the mind is ‘More more more!’

The mind always wants to keep working to figure things out, answer questions and investigate into everything. Our minds are greedy creatures but we need the mind for our clarity and our intellect.

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So how do we get past the mind to begin manifesting?

We want to move beyond the thinking mind to access the intuition, wisdom and the energy of the soul.

We access the energy of the soul, peace and heart through stillness, and through stillness we can access a beautiful place that is within all of us.

By making the conscious decision to do this – being still, connecting with nature, the body, our senses, we go into the moment. As we do this the mind begins to quiet and we access that beautiful place.

This beautiful place only knows LOVE.

When we operate from this place, our success is guaranteed because it is in alignment with the truth of who we really are. You need to allow yourself to connect deeper and begin manifesting.

There is no judgement in this beautiful place because you get to decide what to manifest.

It is ok to ask for money, if you are setting this intention and bring into your awareness the ethical transaction to receive this money. Connect with the joy, harmony, peace and the opportunity that this money will bring you to raise your vibration for the whole of humanity.

The secret of success is that we want for others, what we want for ourselves.

But you have to ask yourself, what are you offering in exchange for what you are manifesting?

Our minds will take us everywhere, the work is in the heartfelt space. This is where we manifest from, where we connect deeper to the soul with purpose and passion.

Manifesting with Heartfelt Intentions

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