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Mindset or heartfelt to manifest?

Catriona Jones February 2, 2020 0 comments 0

How I learned to connect with something deeper and move beyond my thinking mind.

In a world today where we are gifted with so many schools of thought, formulas and teachings (many very old) on how to create the life of our dreams, it can become overwhelming, especially when you feel stuck and think you are not making headway. I love to learn and I never pass on the opportunity to learn more about successful proven techniques in self-development. However, mindset was never my first go to and I guess the reason being that my mind drove me crazy and I stayed clear of it because of years of overthinking. I had to find a more safe place to hang out before I could make that journey back and if I were to, it wasn’t going to be on my own. I needed to move beyond the thinking mind. Someone once said,

‘treat your mind like a dangerous neighbourhood and don’t go in there alone’

I truly believe that everything begins with a thought and our thoughts create our reality. By the time we reach the adult stage of our lives it can be hard to reconnect with the thoughts that got us where we don’t want to be and unlearn them! It is not as simple as just changing your mindset or we would all be skinny millionaires walking along the beach with our soul mate, choosing a different thought.

Connect to your heart

When it is tricky to navigate and work out why am I here and not there, the power is in the present moment, get out of your head and into your body. The body is always in present moment time and will bring you right here, right now. The body also carries our story, emotions and memory. Caroline Myss says our biography become sour biology. This is where we will find the paradigms that no longer serve us, stillness speaks and presents the shadow within us for healing. When the belief systems are left unhealed in the body the cause disease. Meditation is my master key secret to emptying myself from the ego and fear. An ongoing process but today I feel lighter and more trusting of my life purpose than ever. I could not have turned my life around without the spiritual belief that there is something greater than me. It was then I was able to bring my fears to the light and let go.

I know and speak  from experience, when I suffered stress and anxiety I would go to a spin class only to feel worse and in actual fact in slowing down …. eventually I got to speed up in my manifesting. Mindset and thinking seminars can be more appealing than feeling, feeling opens us up to emotional pain from the past and vulnerability. When we really feel, express and release the emotions from the body, the work of the beautiful Louise Hay we create so much more space in our energy field and clear the mind for happy, positive and empowering thoughts. It is within this process we can then become discerning about the thoughts we have, as we simultaneously heal the wound of the inner child.

Choose happy thoughts

Whatever route we take on this journey, the road less travelled is the one of the inner work. Any continuous self development will bring you back home to the truth about who you really are and the unlimited potential that each of us have. A journey from fear to love. In a world where we are becoming increasingly bombarded by taking full responsibility for our own lives and what we desire, it is easy to become separated from the unity and oneness of mankind. The heart will reconnect you to your purpose and gift for mankind, so we can serve from a heartfelt place and enjoy the beauty, abundance and prosperity of the world along the way.

As we choose and harness that mindset for success, let us honour our story, let go of blame and judgement. Letting go of anything that is going to separate us from our brothers and sisters, come into the body again. We make a conscious decision to return to love, our inner compass is now set.  Do not feel guilty about wanting material things but stay in that heart felt place for the good of all. That’s are natural state, you might call it nature, source, light, energy, God, consciousness, higher power, angels, stars, moon. sun ……..

Affirming for a more  prosperous you as we raise each other up and walk each other home. It is safe to look within and allow the heart to guide us. The world is abundant and there is plenty for everyone.

Listen to your body, it will show you the way and return you to love.

Mindset or heartfelt? We need both!

If you need time out to relax, why not join me on my next self-care retreat, so good for the soul?

Much love

Catriona xx


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