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Neurodivergent Coach

Parenting neurodivergent children can be hard

Let’s stop with the negative labels Neurodivergent people are not rude, lazy or disrespectful but simply misunderstood. One of the...

Late diagnosis of Autism in Women

Late Diagnosis of Autism in Women

Diagnosed with Autism at 49 I’m a women diagnosed with Autism at 49 in menopause. My diagnosis came as a...

What have I achieved in life?

What’s it all about? What have I achieved in life? What is my legacy? A  few questions many people might...

how to stop people pleasing

5 Ways to Stop being a People Pleaser?

How to stop being a people pleaser and say no guilt free. Set boundaries and create more time and freedom...

benefits of journaling

Benefits of journaling and how it lifts your mood.

The benefits of journaling on mood Just get started to release the overwhelm … I want to share with you...

diagnosed with autsim in menopause

Autistically Me

  I have always had a yearning and a deep desire to help others belong and overcome. When my GP’s...

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