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Overwhelm and Anxiety: How to overcome it

Catriona Jones September 6, 2021 0 comments 0

Do you experience and suffer overwhelm and anxiety?

When we experience overwhelm and anxiety then we are living in fear and becoming aware of this can allow us to overcome it.

I have learnt that we either live in love or fear.

Fear, anxiety and overwhelm is the home of ego, worrying and an overthinking mind.


Eckhart Tolle Quote

I love this quote by Eckhart Tolle…

It is time to start the journey to overcome overwhelm and anxiety.

Firstly stop labelling everything.

Our minds want us to label everything as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

But when we do this, we feed the mind.

This then takes us out of the Truth of who we are.

We need to become conscious, thus the ego cannot exist.

When we are conscious, we become the Truth again.

Conscious living is how we overcome these feelings and go into our happy place.


What does it mean when we experience overwhelm and anxiety?

When we become overwhelmed with fear, anxiety and agitation, this is a message from the body. It is telling us that something is not right and something is not in alignment with you and your natural state.

So the next time you begin to experience these feelings, I invite you to look deeper. When you do this, ask yourself how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally about this and journal it!


How can we manage and overcome overwhelm and anxiety?

We need to commit to daily disciplines and morning rituals in order to nurture all the components of who we are.

When we do this, practice it and get better at it we will expand into our happy place.

This will allow us to begin to manage and eventually overcome our overwhelm and anxiety.


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My experience…

As a child, I was a little worrier and I had lists of the things that I worried about.

Because of this I suffered intense anxiety every day in my life. But I thought that holding onto it and managing my worries made me in control.

However this was not the reality. In actuality, it burned me out and I had no energy to do what I actually wanted to do.

Since embracing more mindfulness and meditation daily, I haven’t experienced constant overwhelm and anxiety, but when I do, I listen to my body and find out why. Then apply the tools to reset myself energetically.

I am not saying that there is a perfect life where we don’t experience any of these feelings ever again… But I do know that we do not have to experience it every day!

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