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Female Empowerment Coaching

1:1 Female Empowerment Coaching

Female Empowerment 1:1 Coaching with Me!

Female Empowerment 1:1 Coaching Are you ready to bloom girl?

Female Empowerment Coaching will help you Reclaim Your Purpose and Feminine Power in the World

Have you forgotten to prioritize your joy in life? Have you invested in your career and your family and there is nothing left for you? Are you frustrated with your own lack of confidence? Do you observe yourself fading into the background? Were you happy to play small but now is the to play all out? Have you been reflecting on what will be your legacy in the world?

My Female Empowerment Coaching helps many successful women identify with their new evolving purpose later in life.

Realigning their new goals and ambitions with passion and power. The feminine power is rising, and it is your time to fully bloom in the world. The Bloom Girl Philosophy will transform you from the inside out, empowering you to rock your brilliance out into the world again. You have a divine purpose and power and I will help you reignite your passion and confidence to relaunch your true self.

Take my client Amy for example

Amy came to me overwhelmed and suffering from burnout in her work, she experienced anxiety daily and developed a health challenge. Guided by my rapid transformational coaching method and using my zen toolkit, Amy started to turn her story around. She made a decision to commit and in effect liberated herself from stress. Amy now lives a life of ease and contentment that she never dreamt possible. More importantly, she has reignited her passion, creativity, and spontaneity.

I am the proud author of ‘Bloom Girl’ and the creator of the Bloom Girl academy empowering women globally to reconnect with their inner peace and transform their lives physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Remembering and reigniting our divine feminine power from within.

Catriona Jones Female Empowerment Coach Derry

Catriona Jones Author of Bloom Girl

How do I know Female Empowerment Coaching Works?

I have made this personal transformation myself, embraced the inner work and gave myself full permission to bloom, overcoming self-doubt and creating a new emotional home of confidence and joy. It is your turn to make lasting change, conquer your deservability and honour your heartfelt desires.

What does the Female Empowerment Coaching Package include?

Reclaim your purpose and Feminine Power in the world this Coaching Package includes:

• 1 x 90 minute consultation

• 6 months 1:1 coaching sessions

• Unlimited online support

• Guided Meditation podcast series

• Personal workbook for reflective development

• Membership of our private coaching group

In completing the Fem Power Coaching you will:

• Overcome fear and self-doubt

• Get clear on your goals and purpose

• Honour your ambitions and desires

• Master your thought patterns and emotions

• Enjoy harmonious relationships

• Take massive action and manifest your dream life The Bloom Girl

Coaching Package delivers:

• Clarity on life purpose and divine gifts

• Ability to master emotions and a positive mindset

• Increased self-worth and deservabilty to achieve

• Healthy boundaries and harmonious relationships

• Effortless self-care and resilience

• Lasting balance, confidence, and radiance

This collaborative journey is a big emotional investment for both participants and myself. In order to facilitate real growth and change, I commit to working with a small group of women each season.

Don’t delay; reach out today and claim your place on the next Bloom Girl Coaching Programme.

Are you ready to unfold and blossom?

Now is your time to reclaim your place and power in the world.

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