Crystal Healing or Reading

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Crystal Reading – Healing
Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing or Reading


An Advanced Spiritual Healing Treatment by The Modern Mystery School

The Crystal Healing

The treatment will take place in a quiet sacred space where you can relax and honour your healing journey. The Crystal healing empowers you to heal old and new wounds while stepping in to a pure mind to increase energy flow into the body, bringing in more good fortunes and a general state of well being.

The Crystal Reading

The Crystal Reading will access your Akashic Records. The Akashic records hold the past, present, and future, and provide deep wisdom and clarity for your burning questions.

The crystal reading is offered with the highest integrity. I am trained as a Certified Reader. The MMS don’t have very many readings as part of their repertoire for the sole fact that “Psychic Readings” are generally not empowering to the receiver. It some cases it may even be a disservice to the person and their spiritual progression. The Mystery School tradition focuses on training individuals to be able to discern for themselves, strengthen their intuition and receive guidance from their own Higher Self

In this Crystal Reading twin reader crystals create a link between the reader and receiver, to give a deep insight into past, present and future energies that are affecting the receiver. This reading has been known to bring a great deal of clarity and healing to the receiver, while providing empowering guidance on the best course of action.

45 minutes
Cost £40


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