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Soulmate Coaching

1:1 Find Your Soul Mate

Soul Mate 1:1 Coaching with Me!

Find your soul mate and Choose love today!

Find your soul mate in 2023. Are you tired of living life on your own? Would you love to share your life with someone, a soul mate? Do you want to have that someone special to lean on so you don’t always have to be the strong one? Is finding ‘the right man’ the one area of your life that you feel you don’t have control over? You don’t have to live life alone and be okay with being single.

Soul Mate Coaching

I can remember a time in my life that I actually thought I would never meet someone. I used to read books about finding love, attract your soul mate and nothing really shifted or happened! I was tired of being single and felt very alone in the world.

Until I discovered that all my relationships were a reflection of my inner world, self-belief system and how I felt about me. It was an aha moment, an awakening, an opportunity to journey within. I can teach you how I figured it out, attracted my soul mate and found lasting love. It is time to align with the amazing you and call in your soul mate! Get on the frequency of love, become the mirror of who you want to share your life with and keep the spark alive.

“Our soulmate is the one who makes life come to life.”

— Richard Bach

What is Soul Mate Coaching?

There different types of soulmates in the world. Lifelong soulmates are the strong partnerships that stay with us throughout our lives. If you are ready to find your romantic soulmate reach out and talk with me today. In my soul mate coaching we will work through my toolkit to help you break old  habits. We will increase your self awareness so that in finding your soulmate you can fully enjoy the most passionate experiences of your life. The chemistry will likely be off the chart!!

As a partner, you will meet on intellectual, emotional, and spiritual levels like never before.

Refuse to stay stuck and honour YOUR ideal passions with your soul mate.

The Find Your Soul Mate Coaching Package includes:

    • 1 x 90 minute consultation
    • 6 months 1:1 coaching sessions
    • Unlimited online support (for 90 days)
    • Guided Meditation podcast series
    • Personal workbook for reflective development
    • Membership of our group coaching

In completing the Find Your Soulmate Programme you will:

  • Reset your inner compass to deserving and worthy
  • Build unstoppable self-love
  • Take control of your relationships and choose love over fear
  • Create a positive mindset and strong self-image
  • Break the spell of self-sabotage and KNOW your soul mate is out there
  • Attract and enjoy life with your ideal soul mate

The Find Your Soul Mate Coaching Package delivers:

  • Connection to a deeper self worth
  • Ability to KNOW your perfect soul mate
  • Confidence in your feminine power to attract
  • Ease and flow in a loving relationship
  • Pure potential to enjoy a lasting, loving and intimate relationship

Soul mate is an Investment in Passion

6 Month Study & Personal Development

Is this for you?

Catriona Jones 1:1 Find Your Soulmate Coaching Programme.

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