Guided Meditations – Bundle 1

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Guided Meditations – Bundle 1


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Guided Meditation Bundle 1 Overview

Align and embody your feminine energy of divine flow to manifest

In this series you will be guided to relax in your body, quieten the mind and experience the natural ease and flow from within. An invitation to enjoy a relaxed and contented state of being with your Goddess Within.

Guided Meditation 1 – Embody your Feminine Energy with Confidence

In this guided meditation I support you in how to embody your feminine energy so that you feel calm, confident and strong.

Guided Meditation 2 – Connect with your Higher Self for Clarity and Purpose

In this guided meditation I invite you to connect with your higher Self, activating and amplifying your personal feminine power from within for clarity and purpose in life.

Guided Meditation 3 – Full MOON Guided Meditation to Manifest

In this guided meditation I lead you on a journey to draw down the light and healing energy of the full moon, merging with her power and embodying the pure essence of your radiant Goddess to manifest.


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