Guided Meditations – Bundle 2

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Guided Meditations – Bundle 2


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Guided Meditation Bundle 2 Overview

Ground and centre with the elements to manage overwhelm and create balance in your life

Guided Meditation 1 – Ground and Centre to Relax

In this guided meditation I support you to relax in your body, to be ‘right here, right now’ with the element of earth. This meditation is a powerful resource to get you out of the busy mind, into the body and back in present moment time, raising your awareness and consciousness. The optimal energy to create your Queendom.

Guided Meditation 2 – Tap into your feminine Flow of Trust

In this guided meditation I lead you on a blissful journey to reconnect with your Goddess Within through the element of water. An opportunity to tap into your natural rhythm of ebb and flow, with the feminine energy of trust and intuition. This energy will support your goals and manifesting powers to create in the world.

Guided Meditation 3 – Activate your Fire to Take Inspired Action

In this guided meditation I invite you to amplify your state and activate your passion with the element of fire. An igniting of your purpose and mission in the world so that you can live your best life from a state of courage and certainty in the world. Clearing any self-doubt and lack of confidence, stepping into your masculine energy.


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