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1-1 Zen Coaching

Zen Coaching to Create Calm and Contentment in  Your Home!

1:1 Zen Coaching enables clients to experience inner peace in their daily life. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of overwhelm and anxiety

It’s not about money, not relationships, not even career choice but simply the desire to enjoy peace and contentment now. Do you experience that all-consuming feeling of overwhelm? Does this lead to your self-sabotaging? Are you replaying the negative movie clips and struggling to stop your mind from overthinking. It can be exhausting and lead you to feel burnt out, running on empty, and deprioritizing yourself. 

Have you decided enough is enough?  It is time to reclaim your inner peace. You are made for more than this and deserving too.

With Zen Coaching Calm and Content Awaits You And I ‘m here to help!

I can help you grow and weed out whatever is in the way of you blooming today. Let us create a place of peace and balance without the feelings of overwhelm and anxiety. Prune away fear and allow your feminine power to flourish. With my toolkit, I can show you how to bloom and join the women who have completed this transformation.

How do I know Zen Coaching Works?

I have been there too my lovely, suffered overwhelm & anxiety, IBS, self-doubt, low mood and sabotaged my happiness and success because my deservability was not intact. Looking back I now realise I didn’t have the tools I use every day to enjoy my life. It is time to take control, drop the self-sabotage and KNOW you deserve to be happy.

Imagine that you wake up each day after a night of blissful sleep feeling calm, relaxed and in control of your life. More importantly you are excited about life again and feel you’ve got your mojo back girl.

Client Progress with Zen Coaching 

Take my client Amy for example

Amy came to me overwhelmed and suffering from burn out in her work, she experienced anxiety daily and developed a health challenge. Guided by my rapid transformational coaching method and using my zen toolkit, Amy started to turn her story around. She made a decision to commit and in effect liberated herself from stress. Amy now lives a life of ease and contentment that she never dreamt possible. More importantly she has reignited her passion, creativity and spontaneity. 

The Zen Coaching Package includes:

  • 1 x 90 minute consultation
  • 6 months 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Unlimited online support 
  • Guided Meditation podcast series
  • Personal workbook for reflective development
  • Membership of our coaching group

In completing the Zen coaching programme you will  

  • Reset your inner compass to calm and content
  • Take control of your life and create morning rituals and a schedule that works for you
  • Become super organised and remember order is the number one rule of heaven
  • Stop worrying, people pleasing and saying yes when you mean No
  • Create healthy boundaries and honour YOUR desires
  • Break the spell of self-sabotage and KNOW you deserve to be happy
  • Build unstoppable confidence and hold steadfast to your dream life

Allow yourself to associate the feeling of LOVE with the word time 


Make RESILENCE your new middle name.

I am the proud author of ‘Bloom Girl’ and creator of the Bloom Girl academy empowering women globally to reconnect with their inner peace and transform their lives physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Remembering and reigniting our divine feminine power from within. 

– Relax and unwind
– Manage stress, overwhelm & anxiety with EFT 
– Learn to pause, meditate or deepen your practice of mindfulness
– Create a sacred Zen space at home or work
– Clear negative energy and raise your personal frequency
– Develop your intuition and creative feminine energetic flow
– Understand how to use healing crystals at home, work, on yourself and others
– Raise awareness of human the energy system and take care of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
 Purchase your package & then book a time with Catriona that is convenient for you!

This collaborative journey is a big emotional investment for both participants and myself. In order to facilitate real growth and change I commit to working with a small group of women each season.

Don’t delay; reach out to day and claim your place on the next Zen Coaching Programme .

Need to take action today?

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To enjoy the benefits of the Bloom Girl Philosophy and self-guided workbook 

This an uplifting coaching journey to create a more beautiful and balanced life, absolutely delighted to teach and support YOU on your journey.
Much love


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