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Re-parenting your inner child

Catriona Jones July 1, 2022 0 comments 3

Re parenting your inner child.

Inner Child Healing is a tender process and a central core technique of the ‘Bloom Girl’ healing journey. We know that when we are struggling with life that it is usually a younger part of us that may be needing our attention.  Assisting our wounded inner child to heal, mature and grow up to become stronger. Learning to trust life and others.

As we get intentional about our commitment to grow and bloom we must step into our story and really fully own it. It is safe to acknowledge past hurts, to feel, express and release.

What is your story pattern?

When we step into our stories and feel the enormity, only then can we experience freedom and stop dancing to everyone else’s drumbeat. Within our stories lies nuggets of information and treasures that can really catapult our growth and breakthroughs. Our stories create patterns in life, self-belief systems, and paradigms. Many of these no longer serve us and trust me you will feel so much lighter in letting them go.

Do you ever find yourself repeating the same old, same old?

It is the paradigm that drives our daily habits, mostly unconsciously, and produces results in our currently lifestyle. Every thought and past experience is reflected in our day to day habits, work, activities and relationships. It is believed that 95% of our decisions are made in the sub conscious mind, this is also the residence and belief system that was handed to our precious inner child.

Can you invite your inner child out to play today?

Reconnecting with our inner child creates a perfect opportunity to relearn, undo limiting beliefs, nurture, love and enjoy the positive energy of inner child creativity, spontaneity, curiosity and fun!

Connect with your inner child today with my complimentary Inner Child Guided Meditation here.

Remember to seek support if you are experiencing emotional pain from past hurts in your life. You are worthy of this beautiful healing journey.

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