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I have had a breakthrough … what next?

‘Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go’

Yes agreed,  Autumn is beautiful and letting go can appear effortless in nature however the reality in the world of humans where attachments are powerful, letting go is not that easy. Can a breakthrough be the same , an easy process of change?

A personal breakthrough is an intentional letting go process.

Inner child healing

Surround yourself with people that lift you up

Allow me to share with you, what I believe are useful tools to apply when you know you are ready for a breakthrough or have just experienced a breakthrough. These tips will also support and apply when you are holding the energy in your new quantum field following on from a breakthrough experience! How exciting …

The joy and trust of a breakthrough is in your readiness, just like the leaves falling from the trees in October.

Nurture a safer inner world

The golden nugget here is to nurture a safe inner world

for yourself, a hot topic this month in my brand new ‘Bloom Girl’ membership group, where we will explore managing your Higher Self, Inner Child and Critical Voice.

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A breakthrough is about letting go of old beliefs and anchoring in our new belief system.

This is a bit like building and conditioning a muscle.

We have to get really honest about the people, places and situations that are contributing to our personal growth and process. We let go of anything that is not in alignment with our new level of consciousness and might even be contaminating our world. Energy is everything. Environment is critical and positive daily rituals essential.

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We must take the time to restructure our boundaries

the reason we likely had an intentional desire for a breakthrough in the first place is because a situation in life no longer serves us. Our boundaries may have become too soft. When our boundaries have been violated we no longer feel safe. Connecting with your Higher Self will support the resetting and restructuring of your boundaries. Thus offering clarity on harmonious company to nurture your bloom and support your continued growth.

It is time to tighten your circle

and decide ‘who is in and who is out?’. Schedule a time of stillness and personal reflection to go within, this will invite the opportunity to honour you and nurture your goals. Stay close to the ones that are like droplets of water or rays of sun on your new fertile soil and future Self. Creating a gentler inner world, will manifest much more naturally in your outer world.

Gratitude as a morning ritualBe grateful every day

sharing deep appreciation for all that is good about life. This will maintain your connection to a higher frequency and the newly activated belief system that you are committed to. As a result, summoning the energy for more of the great high vibe magic!

Repetition is the mother skill

to maintain this higher level of conscious living that you enjoy and thrive in.  Daily affirmations, mirror work, visualisations and focussing on the outcome, will further support your connection to your world of passion, purpose and prosperity.


There is so much more room at the top girls, let’s meet there and manifest the great stuff!

All my love
Catriona x


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